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Creating your Message in line with your Numbers

Are you charging too little?

Do you have to work crazily hard to make any money?

Are you exhausted as you scrabble to find more and more clients?

Do you get frustrated as you know you can help people but struggling to put this in words to convert clients?

The main reason you are not making the money you say you want is that your message is not clear as people do not know what you do.

In simple terms people want their problems solved.  In a busy online crowded marketplace, it is not who shouts the loudest, it is who is the clearest with their message.


Bizology is about YOUR message in line with you and your numbers. There are clues about what you are here to do in the world related to your numbers = THE MAGIC IN YOUR MESSAGE

But first the technicalities …

WHY do you need a message?

HOW do you carve your message?

WHY are you fearing to niche?

AND then the Magic Sprinkles – YOUR NUMBERS

After I have shown my clients their numbers through the lens of Bizology – I work with many of them with their marketing.

I have a 7 Step Process which Covers:

– How to carve your message so it carries impact, and your ideal client hears you

  1. How to identify your ideal CLIENTS and how this assists in the marketing process (commonalities not exclusion)

    3. How to get total CLARITY on the biggest problems your ideal clients face and the solutions you provide

    4. How to CREATE a package staircase of products and services to get your clients results and reinvesting in you

    5. How to create CONSISTENCY in your marketing and branding

      How to ensure the CONTENT you are sharing with the world adds value, is consistent and persistent and carries strong calls to action

      How to CONVERT all of this into a steady flow of ideal clients to achieve the financial results that you desire for your business

Here is the thing …

We are not instinctively born knowing how to ‘do’ marketing.  When we train in something we love and want to share our message with others, we hit a point where we realise that the clients don’t just appear!  Without clarity on these areas, these are all questions blocking our way.


What are your best skills and talents?

What do others appreciate in you?

How do you inspire / encourage / empower others?

Where there is interest there is ability!


Connecting you deeper to your message
If you are not completely clear about your message, how do you expect your clients to find you?  If you speak to everyone you speak to no one!

You need to own and articulate what you do in such a way that your ideal client will hear you loud and clear and want to know more.

Which clients do you get the best results with?

Which clients are the most energetic fit for you?

Who do you want to help?

Do these clients have the ability to pay what you want to charge?

Can you reach your ideal clients in large numbers?

This is where you start to build you niche, but many people fear to niche. As they think …

If I only work with women what about men?

If I only work with men what about women?

If I only work with over 35’s – what about under 35’s?

If I only work with heart-centred female business owners what about professionals or corporate market?

So, in line with your numbers – you need to make sure …

You are quantifying WHO you work with – your ideal client / target market

You are explaining HOW you help them – identifying the problem they have

You are clarifying the OUTCOME of working with you – identifying the result you achieve

As your job is to show your target market that …

1.  You know their pain points = their problems
2.  You understand how this is affecting their lives and aggravating them for moving forward
3.  You have a solution that addresses their problems that will help them

You need to get clear on problems and pain points that your ideal clients have

And that you have a solution to solve it. 

What are you offering your clients?

What are the benefits of the offer and what are the results?

In line with your numbers.

A common marketing mistake is failing to present benefits AS people buy benefits first they want to know … WIIFM – what is in if for me …

Clients buy if they can see the value!

When you completely OWN and CONNECT to the BENEFITS = RESULTS of your products and services it makes selling you products and services so much easier.

In line with your numbers …

Think about your message – what are you currently saying?
Which transpires as …

I help … (WHO you are helping)

By … (HOW your help them)

Which means that … (the RESULT you get them).


Life Path 1 your message is related to …              

How you lead others.  Bringing something innovative into the world and inspire others from this place.  Using your initiative and individualising your character. 

Life Path 2 your message is related to …              

Helping others create balance in their life.  Using your powers of persuasion, diplomacy and co-operation to bring others together.

Life Path 3 your message is related to …              

Helping others by being optimistic and seeing the lighter side of life.  ‘Laugh and the world laughs with you’ is the energy of 3.  Sparking people’s imagination by expressing your ideas creatively and putting your word into the world. 

Life Path 4 your message is related to …              

Helping others have a plan by organising, managing and building.  Making things permanent and long lasting by establishing systems, order and regulation in others’ lives. 

Life Path 5 your message is related to …              

Helping others create transformation in their lives by creating change, freedom and progress.  Introducing new ideas and new methods to create renewal and change in the lives of others. 

Life Path 6 your message is related to …              

Working with people in a group, helping others in a community.  6’s understand how others feel so it is also about showing empathy and comfort to others. 

Life Path 7 your message is related to …              

Helping people through sharing your wisdom.  Being an educator in the world.  Study, prove, test and make sure of the facts – then write, teach and demonstrate your knowledge.

Life Path 8 your message is related to …              

Helping people by showing them high standards and quality.  Help others with matters related to accomplishment, authority, money and recognition in the world.

Life Path 9 your message is related to …              

Helping others through service over success.  Helping others through love, compassion, tolerance, understanding and generosity.


Life Path 11 your message is related to …            

Helping others by inspiring them, but before you inspire others you will need to be inspired first.  11’s are here to illuminate the truth for others. 

Life Path 22 your message is related to …            

Helping others by changing the world one person at a time.  Helping them see more, be more and do more through seeing what is going on in their lives and from this place create change.


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