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Crack Your Bizology Code – Unleash the numeric magic in your business!

Numerology is very fascinating, and it is becoming more and more popular which is a good thing.  The issue is that a lot of mistakes are being made as it is either being ‘dubbed down’, the user is using incorrect calculations or/and then not understanding the meaning behind the information they find.

I was taught numerology from an experienced numerologist with over 30 years’ experience.  The first thing I was taught that I carry with me to this day is to not go down rabbit holes.  With any fascinating subject this can be a temptation but trust me it is a lot easier to understand, digest and implement if we keep everything top line and from this place deepen our understanding of the numbers and what they are trying to show us.

Running a business is not easy, in fact if done properly it is a lot of work and you will never work harder than the days you work for yourself (whatever the 4-hour working week book says! …).  And if this is not challenging enough, social media shows us highlight reels of other people running a business with ease and grace (yeah right), and then we suffer from comparitinitis and wonder how we are getting it so wrong.

Newsflash! You are not getting it wrong; you just haven’t appreciated your numeric energies and what they mean for your business.  When you understand yourself through the lens of numerology everything makes sense.  This may be a big claim but let me explain, over the years I have done a lot of ‘work’ on me and studied different modalities, some resonating more than others. However, learning who I am through the lens of numerology – finally things made sense.

The foundation of numerology is the concept of uniqueness, it is a discipline that recognises every person and every situation as unique.  This is its real power and value.  One size does not fit all and there is no magic formula in business, Bizology shows you how to align to your life purpose.

You are here to do a job; and you can see what job that is in your numeric energies and when you understand what that job is you can apply that to your business.

Your Life Path number shows you what job you are here to do through your business.  This is 75% of what is going on for you in business.  There are other numbers that are easier to be, BUT this number is THE path for you to take in business.  The Life Path number is also called Your Destiny Number – it is what you are DESTINED to do in business. 

To put this into context I am a Life Path 1 = The Leader.  In business I am destined to lead and not need.  I am meant to be self-employed. Also, anything I do in business needs to be original and innovative – hence birthing Bizology into the world.  I am a certain type of 1 so I need to make sure that I make an impact on others and give back into the world.

Because I know this, I can make sure I am doing these things and I do – and from that place I grow, and my business grows.

BUT there are 7.5 billion people in the world, so it goes a lot deeper than this.  There are numbers that are really easy for us to be, these are your default numbers, your comfort zone numbers – they are great to use to navigate your key numbers, but what grows in comfort zones? Nada.  So, you don’t want to stay in these numbers.  However, these numbers are perfect to use to move you forward in business.

One of my ‘move me forward’ numbers is 4 – as I am born on the 4th.  Anything that requires organisation, a system, structures, routine and order – I am your gal!  Having a plan and writing a list, putting my head down and getting on with my business is very 4, this is the energy I need to use to be The Leader and innovate in business. However, we are the negative of our numbers, so I have to watch being too much of a dog with a bone!

There are numbers that you want to work towards as they are where the ultimate juice and results lie in your business.

There are numbers that are very familiar to us and our Soul fancies – but we have done these, so we have to watch not hanging out too much in these.

And that’s all well and good – but on top of this we work in 9-year cycles and there are better years and easier years to do things.  Some years you may feel like you can set the world alight and other years you may feel nothing is happening and you are walking through treacle. 

Strangely or not, it is all happening FOR you not TO you, compare this to the wheel of life that is divided into cheese segments, each segment has a label, one for Health, one for Wealth, one for Relationships, one for Spirituality one for Adventure etc – and this is what the Personal Year Cycle is like – each year you have the chance to work on one area of your life and business.

For example, I am currently in a 4 year – as above 4 is about structure, routine and systems, so in a 4 year nothing happens quickly, and the universe shines a light on weak foundations so you can make them strong.  Yes, it can be a slow and tedious year, but because I know this, I can work with this energy instead of against it and use the energy of 4 to get more structure and systems into my business.  IF I was not aware that this was the energy of the year I was in, I would literally be flummoxed and not understand why things were not as fluid as the year before. Sometimes the tide is in for your business and sometimes the tide is out …

So, to recap …

  1. 75% of what is going on in your business is related to your Life Path number – also called your Destiny number – you can not change your date of birth so this number is the path you are here to walk this life time in your business
  2. There are numbers that are easy to be – that we can naturally gravitate to, so it is important to understand these, one of the key numbers is the date of the month that you are born on
  3. There are better years and easier years to do things – your Personal Year can seriously impact your business success

Numerology grants access to higher-level business solutions. Understanding and connecting to my numeric energies has been pivotal to my and my client’s business success.  It has helped me to approach all that I do from a position of strength and it has given me a fresh perspective on doing business in the 21st century.

To put this into a personal context in your business and Join me for a 3 day ‘Crack Your Bizology Code Experience’ to unleash your bespoke numeric magic in your business!

During these 3 days I will show you how to …

Day 1
How to work out your Life Path Number and What this means for YOUR business – this is what you are DESTINED to do! Tip – this is related to your niche 😊

Day 2
Show you THE next important number straight out of the gate – the number people see in your energy and to how use it to navigate your Life Path number (tip it is easy to stay here – but we don’t want to!).  This is how you uniquely use your Life Path in business (as there is 7.5 billion people in the world and we don’t just chop everyone into 11 numbers – it goes so much deeper than that) …

Day 3
Understand what the soil is fertile for in Your Personal Year as there is better years and easier years to do things – and what to do if the tide is out!

On 15th March – 17th May 2022 – at 1pm here in my Facebook Group …


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