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Bizology Cosmic Current Planner
Bizology Cosmic Current Planner



Your Guide to Business Growth and Cosmic Alignment!

Throughout the planner I reference this page – as I have created a mini ‘Bizology® Cosmic Current’ masterclass for you to ensure that you …

  • Work out your Personal Year correctly
  • Get a handle on working out your Personal Months
  • Explain the difference between Personal Years and Personal Months 11 and 22 – as these are master numbers they are not reduced
  • I walk you through the 9 year plan and how to complete it
  • Help you work out your Personal Months across the Quarters
  • Can print off extra Monthly to-do lists when required



Any questions please do let me know!

I have also created a Facebook Group to support you with the planner …

Bizology Cosmic Current Collective Membership

To ensure that this planner does not end up in a drawer! Joking not joking 😉 I have created ‘The Bizology Cosmic Collective’.

A collective space to connect deeper to your personal Cosmic Currents – keeping you on track with your Personal Years and Personal Months and days of the week. 😊

As you know by now, there are better years and easier years to do things!

Don’t panic! I have purposely created this collective space, so it does not take up hours and hours, where you feel overwhelmed or experience FOMO and then either ignore the magical information or leave – it is super easy to navigate and use.


A Facebook group where you get access to:

Daily Posts – I share with you the numeric energy of the day – the Life Path, Approach and specific day of the week, so that you can start to appreciate the individual energy of the day and use this to plan your events, launch dates etc.

Quarterly Zoom Calls – with Jo – connecting you deeper to the 9-year cycle.

Includes subjects relating to the specific years, a birds eye view of the 9-year cycle & what it means for your business – including change of Personal Years, specific Universal Years etc. Prepare to have your mind blown!

Recorded Personal Years and Months Masterclasses – Every Personal Year and Month has its own pre-recorded masterclass so you can listen to Jo explain the energies of your Personal Year reiterating and strengthening the information provided in the ‘Bizology Cosmic Current Planner’

Ask Jo anything – Don’t be shy and don’t suffer in silence – ask Jo any question in relation to your Personal Year and Personal Month and day of the week. Keep an eye on what others are asking too – as this will help deepen your knowledge of the Cosmic Currents.

And of course, there are the resources included in the Bizology® Cosmic Current Planner including how to work out your Personal Months and access to the monthly to do-lists.

Your Monthly Investment

Join The Bizology® Cosmic Collective for only £22 a month …

Click HERE for full Membership T&C’s


To speak to Jo if you are interested in working with her throughThe Bizology® Sessions and Packages ...

(Please note this is not a free session – it is a diagnostic call to assist in finding the right Bizology® package for those who are super committed to learning more)