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Your Guide to Business Growth and Cosmic Alignment!

How Do Cosmic Currents Affect Your Business Success?

We operate in 9-year cycles and knowing the energies of the Personal Year that you are currently in, helps you understand what the soil is fertile for RIGHT NOW in your life and business.

Put simply, there are better years and easier years to do things and this planner will guide the way!


In this Bizology® Cosmic Current Planner you’ll discover …

  • What the Personal 9 Year cycle is and how you can leverage it to grow your business.
  • How to easily work out your current Personal Year.
  • An overview of each Personal Year with insights to navigate for optimum success.
  • Ways to work on your business if the ‘tide is not in’ for growth.
  • A bird’s eye view of the Personal 9 Year Cycle – what to expect top line for upcoming years.
  • The Bizology® Personal Month Framework – helping you dive deeper into your personal Cosmic Currents.
  • Your masterplan to productivity – harnessing the planetary energy of each day and aligning tasks accordingly.
  • How to use the Bizology® Cosmic Currents to gain clarity on the actions needed to create business success.


Why did I create the Bizology® Cosmic Current planner? 

It’s super important to me that you are aware that …

  • There are energies and vibrations that affect the world we live in on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis. 
  • The best way to map these is to tune into the energies of your Personal Year and Month.
  • There are better YEARS and easier YEARS to do things and there are better MONTHS and easier MONTHS to do things AND there are better DAYS and easier DAYS to do things. 

Reality check – you can’t bat 100 every single day – it’s important to acknowledge this and appreciate that you need growth and consolidation in your business.

It’s always the right time to do the right thing. 

Forget a boring business plan –

let me show you a Cosmic Current treasure map

Jo Soley Is The Owner & Founder of Bizology®

I always say Bizology® is not a one and done, and it could not be truer about the ‘Bizology® Cosmic Current Planner.’ It is so easy to buy a planner, flick through it, start to use it and it then it ends up in a drawer never to see the light of day again. The more you use and refer to the ‘Bizology® Cosmic Current Planner’, the more impact it will have on your business.

Do you ever feel like you’re spinning your business wheels, and nothing is really happening compared to previous years? There is a cosmic reason. The same holds true if you feel your business is taking off exponentially, the energy of your Personal Year will be supporting this – including the work you are doing in your business in the years leading up to this. Your Personal Year holds the key.

In my Bizology® journey and in particular, working with the Cosmic Currents I have realised that … ‘If the cake is not ready, don’t take it out of the oven’. In today’s fast-paced world, we often forget the importance of timing. Just like a cake needs time to bake, our endeavours need the right conditions to thrive.

Timing is always paramount and knowing your Cosmic Currents and aligning to their natural rhythms is where your power lies in business, trusting the process, and letting your journey unfold naturally.

With the Cosmic Currents guiding your way, you’ll navigate the entrepreneurial path with clarity and purpose, ensuring each step is perfectly timed.

Here’s to your Cosmic Success and Alignment!

Investment – JUST £44 plus P&P


I have not created a digital version of the Bizology Cosmic Current Planner – the reason being that there is power in the pen!


To ensure that this planner does not end up in a drawer! Joking not joking 😉 I have created ‘The Bizology Cosmic Collective’.

A collective space to connect deeper to your personal Cosmic Currents – keeping you on track with your Personal Years and Personal Months and days of the week. 😊

As you know by now, there are better years and easier years to do things!

Don’t panic! I have purposely created this collective space, so it does not take up hours and hours, where you feel overwhelmed or experience FOMO and then either ignore the magical information or leave – it is super easy to navigate and use.


A Facebook group where you get access to:

Daily Posts – I share with you the numeric energy of the day – the Life Path, Approach and specific day of the week, so that you can start to appreciate the individual energy of the day and use this to plan your events, launch dates etc.

Quarterly Zoom Calls – with Jo – connecting you deeper to the 9-year cycle.

Includes subjects relating to the specific years, a birds eye view of the 9-year cycle & what it means for your business – including change of Personal Years, specific Universal Years etc. Prepare to have your mind blown!

Recorded Personal Years Masterclasses – Every Personal Year has its own pre-recorded masterclass so you can listen to Jo explain the energies of your Personal Year reiterating and strengthening the information provided in the ‘Bizology Cosmic Current Planner’

Ask Jo anything – Don’t be shy and don’t suffer in silence – ask Jo any question in relation to your Personal Year and Personal Month and day of the week. Keep an eye on what others are asking too – as this will help deepen your knowledge of the Cosmic Currents.

And of course, there are the resources included in the Bizology Cosmic Current Planner including how to work out your Personal Months and access to the monthly to do-lists.

Your Monthly Investment

Join The Bizology® Cosmic Collective for only £22 a month …

Buy 12 months and receive 2 months free = 10 x £22 = £220

Buy 6 months and receive 1 month free = 5 x £22 = £110

Working with Jo is like stepping through the wardrobe into a magical world of wonder that has always been there, but few of us have yet had the luck to discover! Who knew, we not only have a personal Life Path and work in 9-Year cycles, but even planning your days of the week around the planets can bring a sense of ease, flow and abundance to your life? I can wholeheartedly recommend Jo to be a font of knowledge and to deliver what she knows with such energy and passion! It has genuinely changed my life learning about Bizology®… with so much still to learn!”


About The Author

 Jo Soley, founder of Bizology®, is a Business Coach and Business Numerologist with over 25 years’ experience in Business Development, Sales and Marketing. She uses the powers of numerology to help her clients elevate their business success and is super passionate about connecting you deeper to your personal Cosmic Currents.


To speak to Jo if you are interested in working with her throughThe Bizology® Sessions and Packages ...

(Please note this is not a free session – it is a diagnostic call to assist in finding the right Bizology package for those who are super committed to learning more)