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Number 1

I’ve had 5 sessions with Jo to understand more about myself and how I can channel my strengths in business, using the power of Numerology. All sessions have given me great insight for my new business venture and the confidence knowing that I’m heading in the right direction. Thanks Jo for your great advice and support. I look forward to working with you in the future.”

Nat W

“I was feeling really challenged with big changes happening in my personal and business life; some of which were very difficult to deal with. I was looking for some guidance and clarity and Jo delivered an informative session which made so much sense.

I since feel more in my power, one major change I have made, has been to take more responsibility. I have noticed since our reading that I have really stepped up. Understanding the personal year I am in made so much sense and gave me faith to trust the place I am in, especially with my business.

Thank you so much Jo.”

Lucy F

Number 2

“Working with Jo was a pleasure. Over three sessions, she guided me through the subject of numerology with such passion and understanding. Her knowledge of the subject is impressive and the way she applies it to coaching is quite unique. I have learned a lot and feel the sessions have been very beneficial from a self-awareness perspective, but also in giving me confidence that I am indeed following my life path. Thank you Jo.xx”

Amanda O

Number 3

“I can’t thank you enough Jo, you have helped beyond belief, your advice second to none, you are my go to business advice guru and all with the help of numbers, it may sound crazy but it’s true. You took the time to explain, give advice, and put me on the road to start my new business with confidence. I can’t recommend you highly enough and I look forward to our next session.”

Kim W

“I am loving learning about my numbers, it is helping me massively with my business and life in general. Jo is warm, so knowledgeable, passionate and a great sounding board.”

Sanchia A


Number 5

“I had a Numerology Session with Jo last week. I initially met her in Italy and was blown away by her numerology knowledge, passion and just plain gorgeousness so I knew I had to follow up with her. Before the session with her I felt a lot of pressure to do or be all to all! The Numerology session was an eye-opener and really gave me confirmation on so much about my life, lessons, attitudes, paths and journey. I’m a 5 so it’s never going to be plain sailing but the way Jo explained everything made it all finally make sense. Why I am the way I am and do (or don’t do) what I do. I’m so relieved that I no longer feel I have to try and change aspects of myself or try to be good at certain stuff cos it’s NEVER gonna happen and that’s ok! I love that Jo sends you the report as it’s great to read back over it and pick up nuggets each time. I am definitely going to apply what I’ve learned from Jo to the way I work and my business going forward. I’d highly recommend a Numerology session with Jo. She’s just the Biz! (ology) 😉”

Karen S

“My sessions with Jo were absolutely fascinating. She helped me piece together who I am and come to understand the decisions and directions I have taken over the years. With this knowledge I feel more able to embrace my life. I have a new understanding of how to approach both my life and business in order to accomplish what I want. I now feel empowered to do things in the right way for me, and to no longer try and fit to ‘paths to success’ prescribed by others. I would encourage anyone seeking clarity about their life’s direction to work with Jo”

Laura D

Had a session with Jo and it was AMAZING! Definitely book one in if you are looking for clarity on what to do next in your business and how to make it easier! She’s so lovely, no question is too silly for her. I have been on a roll with the preparation for my next big launch, using her guidance from the session!

Thanks Jo!!!

Raspreet S


Number 6

 “I had a numerology session with Jo. It was unbelievably true. I’m a 6 with 22 approach. So, I am maternal and love having people around me. Family, whether my real family, my “work” family or my “friends” family is really important to me and I need to know everyone is ok. I’m coming into my 1 year so watch this space – world I’m coming to get you!!

Judi H

Whilst a little skeptical at first with some reservations about using Numerology in my life and business, I can’t help but confess I have been completely turned around!

Jo’s in depth knowledge and understanding of the subject, and her generosity of time spent carefully going through the numbers that apply in my life and business, ended up with me having to confess – it has helped me completely understand myself! It has also given me the knowledge to understand how to feel most fulfilled and happy, and to choose a direction in my business that will mean I am utilising my superpowers, rather than working against them (which has been a cause of much frustration in the past!)  I would highly recommend Jo for an enlightening experience.

Claire S

Number 7

“No way was i a number 7!  Well thats what i initially thought at 1st.

I met Jo at international womens day where she briefly covered each number. I was very intrigued as i didnt think the number 7 connected with me. How wrong was I?!?! I booked in a one to one where Jo talked in great detail.

So many unanswered questions ive had for so long and now they all made total sense. I AM A NUMBER 7! I understand my lifes path and am now putting it into practice. Jo I cant thank you enough for what you have taught me. Everyone needs a Jo in their lives.”

Karen D

Number 8

“After a year of self development and subsequently starting my business properly (no longer a side hustle) I felt a little lost and in need of guidance. I connected with Jo in a membership and her energy had me hooked from day one. When Jo opened my eyes to what my numbers were saying I suddenly felt like I understood a part of myself that had been missing. She helped me to understand emotions that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. Jo also gave me a greater understanding about how my personality will really work in marketing my business. I am able to show up and be visible without being vulnerable. Most importantly, Jo approached everything at my pace. I never felt rushed and always felt fully supported. Jo is an amazing coach with a vast amount of experience in her field. I have already written Bizology into my budget for 2021!”

Gemma B

Number 8

“I found Jo’s sessions to be both intriguing and insightful. It’s absolutely incredible what our numbers can uncover about us and Jo is an expert who has a great knowledge which helps to dig deep into the meanings.

I found it very helpful to understand my current situation but more importantly how I should consider and plan for the next few months and years to maximise my impact in everything I’m doing.

Thank you Jo for your clear explanations and guidance. I would highly recommend Jo to anyone who is interested in making the most of what life holds and living it to its full capacity.”

Manda L

Number 9

Wow, what an amazing 3 sessions I had with Jo! She is so passionate and knowledgeable about her subject and I realise now why my life and my business have gone the way they have! She gave me a map for the future and I can now follow that and maybe get to my destination in a more structured fashion! Thank you Jo! –

Alison W

Number 9

Jo provides amazing insights that help build on your strengths and skills in business and personal life. This gives a framework for decisions moving forward.

Jo’s sessions go deeper into numerology than your life path number. She opened up new ways of mapping the next personal year and tapping into supportive energies, whilst managing the rest.  Working with Jo is a great opportunity to discover more about stepping into your potential greatness. Thanks so much Jo. 

Lynne S

Number 11

Jo is amazing! She tells you everything you have to know raise your strength and to conquer your challenges you bring on earth with your unique energy. It’s very helpful for your business to attract the perfect soulmate clients but also for your personal life to understand relationships between you and the people around you much better.

I’m a 11 and I always struggled with this powerful spiritual guidance energy. She helped me to find peace with my energy and so with me. I am deeply grateful for this experience.

Thank you so much, Jo!”

Jessica J

I had a pleasure of working with Jo over several sessions through her Bizology Sessions package and I highly recommend Jo’s work. Jo is passionate about helping people to understand the impact their numbers have on their business and life. Being very knowledgeable about both numerology and business, Jo does this in a very practical way and helps you create a plan so you are not just left with the information and no support to apply it. The most transformational part of this work for me was a deep level of self appreciation and self acceptance and learning how to work with my strengths and be aware of my personal challenges in my work and life. With Jo’s support, I found the missing pieces in my work and I am not able to build a much stronger foundation.”

Natalia S

Number 22

I worked with Jo to understand Numerology in my business. I was absolutely blown away by Jo’s knowledge and genuine interest in helping me with some challenges both personally and in business. She’s become a trusted friend and I’d highly recommend her work to anyone wanting to explore the power of numerology. It blew my mind and has helped me to make decisions in my business.”

Catherine M

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Number 22

After hearing Jo speak about Numerology on a podcast with Catherine Morgan, I was instantly hooked, and desperate to know my life path number! Google was not my friend here, with inconsistent results, and so I booked a free session with Jo to learn more. I connected to her instantly, and her passion for Numerology spread to me through the screen. I signed up for the full course, and it was incredible! For myself and for my business! I now know what year I am in, what months in 2020 will be better for different business decisions, and ultimately what I am here to do. I feel guided, clearer and more connected. And I absolutely love working out the numbers for my friends and family! I feel like this was a huge, important step for me in my future success – thank you Jo. You are amazing, and you made me feel so heard, which is of huge value to me!” 

Sarah T


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My free interactive Face Book community, where I share Bizology hints and tips.

Join below to find out more about using numerology in business.