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Did you read the blog I wrote last week about your business development that you need to undertake for your business to grow AND the support you need to make that happen – you can find it HERE.


This week let’s talk about your clients – how are you looking after them?


A lot of marketing information available tends to be focused on THE next sale or THE next speaking gig or THE next Face book post, ultimately where THE next client is coming from = lead generation.


Not only does it cost 100 x’s more to get a new client than to keep an old one, but without our current clients we would not have a business. End of. So how we look after our actual clients is paramount to our reputation and business success.


As business owners we understand the benefits of referral or “word of mouth” advertising, it’s essentially free and we have the ability to attract new clients that come from the same “tribe” as our existing clients…perfect! But what is it that makes our clients want to tell their friends, family and colleagues about our superpowers?


A key element for referral marketing is based on a combination of elements and experiences related to the “Client Journey” that you take people on. This what your client sees, hears, feels and touches from the minute they connect with you, your business and brand.


What procedures and guidelines do you have in place within your business to ensure your client’s journey is a positive experience, for every client every time?

How do your clients experience your business…?

* How do you set the scene in your discovery call?

* How are you onboarding them?

* What is the quality of the information that you send them?

* How do you send your contracts?

* How are you taking payment?

* How organised and structured are your sessions?

* If you have a VIP day experience how are you delivering it?

* Are you following up after your client sessions?

* Are you providing the service you promise on your website and in your marketing copy?

* What are others saying about your business – your testimonials?

* How is your marketing perceived?


Think of the Client Journey a bit like a trip to your favourite restaurant. The experience is the result of planning and preparation, the perfect location, a great menu, a selection of the best quality ingredients, great service, combined in a certain way that works every time, without fail.


Build your own personalised Client Journey for your business.


Take a holistic approach

Every part of the client experience is just as important as the other. The profitability of your business is directly related to the actions you choose to take with every single client. What’s the first impression a client gets when they phone you, call you, see you?


Create a blueprint

Create a template of what the client experiences from the minute they embark on your program toto the minute they leave – how are you going to deliver your services? Review this document to ensure you are delivering consistently and keep looking for ways improve and unique ways to delight your clients.


Check in

Survey your clients to establish what they think about your products and service. You can make it anonymous and invite all your clients to participate. Also ask your team if they have any innovative ideas to wow the clients and improve the client experience. Think about your own personal experiences of service and any point of difference ideas that you could adapt to your business.


Keep measuring your performance.

It’s impossible to truly understand your business without measuring your client’s satisfaction and results. These stats are an indicator of the health of your business and the strength of your Client Journey.



I have signed up to work with many coaches in my time. What is interesting is that when they are securing the sale, they feel very engaged and interested in helping you, and once you have signed up, they lose all interest! AND then the experience and the actual service is not great, and I definitely did not get results that were promised from the outset.


Remember people speak!


It is about the relationship

The bottom line is that you will be judged by what you do, not what you say. Make sure you do what you say. And more. In other words – under promise and overdeliver.


What can you do for your customers

Specialized customer service pays off in the long term. Collect information about your customers, call your customers or send them a personalized card on their birthdays. The more information you have about your customers, the better you will understand what they want and need.


Be honest

Do not try to sell customers something that will not benefit them. Look at each client and find a way to make them come back again. This is how you measure the success of your customer service.


So today in your journal let’s review your current service levels …


Can your client on-boarding process be improved?

 How are you communicating and nurturing your clients?

How can you improve your working relationship with them?

How could you improve the service you provide to your customers?

Go deeper. The extra mile is always less crowded.

What can you do that others in your industry don’t?

Can you create an event just for your current clients – do something special to show that you appreciate them? Hold a drinks event, run a free seminar, send thank you cards, gifts, bonuses especially for them.


What can you do to celebrate your tribe and show them that you appreciate them in 2019?


Share below on the comments of the blog – any AHA’s, your main take aways from the blog and any questions. Encourage each other too on their journey – as it’s amazing what you do when someone is watching!


See you next week when we will be looking at your HABITS AND ATTITUDE, In order to achieve what you want to achieve in your business – Who do you need to become? – it’s always a case of new level new devil!


To your success.

Jo x