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Did you read the blog I wrote last week all about your business funnels, and the fact they do not have to be technical and scary!? – you can find it HERE.


For the sixth week of my 12-week Business Planning Blog series, it’s all about what you create in your business to offer to your clients.


Marketing doesn’t happen well by osmosis! 😊


We need to have a clear offering with a clear pricing strategy to offer our ideal clients in line with their needs and wants.


We need to create a package of products and services to take our clients on a journey with us – to get them results and reinvesting. This is otherwise known as the package staircase – having levels of stages where people can choose to work with us.


How are you taking your ideal clients on a journey with you to get them results and reinvesting with you?


Think about your products and services’ offering as the dating game – it’s a process. Do they literally want to have one drink and leave it at that, or do they want to tie the knot?


Just as you wouldn’t jump in and get married after your first date, your prospective clients are unlikely to buy your high-end VIP program if they have only just met you.


They want to test the water and get to know you to see if you are a fit for them, so our job is to provide opportunities for people to work with you at different steps of the staircase which are priced accordingly.


I have highlighted below key stages of the staircase that attract our ideal client.


Your irresistible freebie – this is the free stuff that you give away in return for a prospective client’s email address – you can then nurture and communicate with them and they become part of your tribe. It may be an e-book, webinar, lead magnet etc. – this is the stage where your ideal clients get to know you.


Your easy YES – this is your no-brainer program – it usually costs between £10-£100. It could be your book, a video e-course, a strategy call, etc., which helps you get in front of people a little more – this is the stage where people start to spend money with you.


Your core program – this is your bread and butter, the package that you sell the most and where you put your most effort in. It’s most likely to be your 1-2-1 work – people will be referred to you for this and this is what your community will know you for as an expert in your field – this is the stage where you develop a deeper relationship with your clients.


Your high-end package – this is your VIP offer and would include masterminds, mentoring or retreats. The price point reflects this. – this is your bells and whistles premium offer.


You may also choose to have a low risk option such as an online course or a continuity offer such as a membership site to generate recurring income.


You don’t need to offer a package at every stage. Too much choice overwhelms, the idea is to have an easy entry, a low risk but committed level and a level that builds intimacy and trust.




So grab your journal lets plan what will you create, design and launch?


Do you have a lead generator on your website? YES / NO

What is it?

If YES is it working? Are people downloading it? For freebies to work they need to be valuable enough for people to give you access to their email address. Think back to your ideal clients – what are their pain points? What would be useful to them?

Do you have an easy yes offering? YES / NO

What is it?

If YES is it working? Are you selling it?

Do you have a core program? YES / NO

If so what percentage of your business is your core program?

Do you have a high-end offer? YES / NO

What does it entail?

Is it working? Are you selling it?

Are there really big gaps from one offering to the next in terms of pricing and length of time?

Do you offer anything that gives you a passive income stream? E.g. Online course or membership site?

What does it entail? Is it working? Are you selling it?


NOW ITS TIME TO GO BIGGER … fear kills more dreams than failure ever will!


Finish this sentence. ‘In my business this year I could never … (fill in the blank) then write why!!


Do this for all the things that you want to do in your business but couldn’t possibly! Ponder on these. Look at the justifications – are they valid or simply excuses?


Share below on the comments of the blog – any AHA’s, your main take aways’ from the blog and any questions. Encourage each other too on their journey – as it’s amazing what you do when someone is watching!


See you next week when we will be looking at business development, the areas you need to develop in terms of learning, growth, support and collaboration in order to play a bigger game to bring in the success that you say you want in your business.


To your success.


Jo x