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Did you read the blog I wrote last week about your business attitudes and habits? – you can find it HERE.


This week we are talking about the need to create balance in your business life, focusing on that little thing called time!


There are 2 factors that underpin anything you do in your business – time and money. We are all busy women, some of us working mothers, some of us with multiple businesses, some of us with other commitments. Whatever our circumstances we wear many many hats and time is no laughing matter.


However, the biggest resistance I hear to action is – ‘I haven’t got the time!’, and the thing is, you may be busy, you may be spinning plates, but if you think you haven’t got the time and you keep telling yourself you haven’t got the time then guess what – you haven’t! Before you shoot me, I am not saying that your days are not full, what I am saying is have you looked at what your days are full of? If it’s important enough, we make the time – this is what I call our non-negotiables!


Where you are spending your time? Are you working 24/7? Are you productive in the time that you do have? Do you spend a lot of time going down rabbit holes or procrastinating? How much time do you have in your business minus other commitments? Do you batch your week and plan your time? Are you making your time work for you? Working in one energy we dry up.

Let me share some productivity secrets …

Greater Degree of Focus

When it comes to effectively running a business, focus is the most important ingredient. It is easy to get distracted in terms of strategy and implementation by trying to move in too many directions at the same time and get stuck in the day to day. Lack of focus is the biggest time drain. Get a plan in place!

Time Management Skills

When you have too much to do – effective time management skills are not just a good idea, they are a must! Time doesn’t wait for anyone, so we must get a grip of our time. Time management essentially is doing the right thing at the right time, which in turn increases productivity. Here is where we need to look at what we can implement – planners, schedules, systems, outsourcing to manage our time more effectively.

Work/life balance

Balancing work and life is very important, however it is becoming more and more difficult in today’s fast-paced business world. I used to roll my eyes at those banging on about self-care but now I understand it’s not selfish it’s imperative! Having a time management plan helps us create time for self-care.

Have a vision

After putting in hard work, passion, and dedication to establish your business, we need a solid plan to put your vision into place. A vision is a core component that helps you grow your business into a unique and successful story. A vision for future is not only a deep connection to your work but is also helps develops a profound sense of purpose. Create the time to work on your vision and the key areas you need to focus on to move your business forward, to put your passion into practice.


Let’s look at time!!

Take your journal and draw 2 circles

Label the first circle – HOW I CURRENTLY SPEND MY TIME

Label the second circle – HOW I WANT TO SPEND MY TIME

In the first circle divide the circle up into a pie chart of life and work – where are you spending your time % wise? Go deeper and divide the sections up into specific areas …

In the second circle divide the circle up into a pie chart of life and work – how would you like to spend your time % wise?

Now ask yourself …

What does an ideal working day look like?

What does an ideal working week look like?

What does an ideal working month look like?

Where you are spending your time?

What are the main time wasters? What would you like to spend more time on? What can you do towards ensuring that you spend your time more wisely? How can you add more ‘me’ time or more self-care?


Eliminate and delegate

What can you say NO to – that is not in alignment with your business? What can you unsubscribe to? Have time limits on meetings? Use online to do lists?, etc ..

Upgrade your life

How can you upgrade your support and systems? Are you scheduling days to work ON your business instead of IN your business?


R&R – make it happen – schedule in some time off so you can recharge your batteries – do it now – otherwise the year will just happen!

Share below on the comments of the blog – any AHA’s, your main take away’s from the blog and any questions. Encourage each other too on their journey – as it’s amazing what you do when someone is watching!


See you next week when we will be looking at goal setting – Goals breathe life into our business dreams and keep us moving forward. Goals give us a clear target to aim at a sense of direction and a map with which to get there. Goals stop us procrastinating and get to the finish line with regards to task completion! So, lets make your goals happen!


To your success.

Jo x