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This Is My Business Planning – 12 Blog Series – Make 2019 Your Best Year Yet!

Recently I created a 12-day goal setting challenge for the members of my Face book group – Attract Clients and Grow your Business with Jo Soley – focused on making 2019 your best year yet. https://www.facebook.com/groups/makebusinesseasy/.

One of the drums I bang a lot is to repurpose your content – write it once then use it many ways! So being true to my word, I have taken my 12-day challenge content and created a series of 12 blogs. What content have you created once that you can repurpose?

Are you ready to hit 2019 as if you mean business?


My blogs, social posts, videos and lives are all focused on getting you off on the right footing to attract clients and grow your business BUT in a way that feels aligned and authentic to you. There are many business and marketing coaches out there giving lots and lots of advice, but everything you do in your business needs to feel in alignment with your values and ethos – otherwise it will look and feel off and your community will feel this too, as everything is energy.

If you have worked with me or know me, you know I am all about action. So, this blog is no different, its focused-on releasing and reviewing 2018 to fully step into 2019 – making it your best year yet!

So, grab a journal, and share in the comments any AHA’s, how you are feeling and if you have any questions.

Releasing 2018

Before we move forward, we need to first look at where we have come from. So, let’s review the past 12 months. Take yourself and your phone off to a space where you are on your own and will not be disturbed, then I want you to record a 2018 business letter to yourself. Record yourself and say out-loud answering the below …

Reviewing 2018 …

  • What were your GREATEST SUCCESSES AND ACCOMPLISHMENTS in your business in 2018? – What are the main events and milestones that took place in 2018 that made your year? Did you launch a new product or service which really took off? What were your financial wins?
  • What DREAMS came true in your business in 2018? –The things that maybe surprised you that you achieved that you never thought you would?
  • What were your MAGIC MOMENTS in your business in 2018? – Sometimes it’s the small things that make you smile and keep you going … what were these? They may have been accidental or unintentional.
  • How were you ADVENTUROUS in your business in 2018? – I always say – the magic happens outside of your comfort zone (its even on my phone cover!) – how did you go outside your comfort zone to create magic in your business in 2018? Remember – don’t be afraid of setbacks because you’ll come back stronger!
  • What were the main STRENGTHS that you led with in your business in 2018? How did 2018 connect you to your zone of genius?
  • What would you have been disappointed if you hadn’t _________this year? What was that occasion that really made your 2018?

What did you learn in your business in 2018?

  • What were your main CHALLENGES that you had in your business in 2018 – and how did you learn from them? It’s not what happens – it’s how we handle it.
  • What were your business’ WEAK AREAS in 2018? What were the cracks in your business that 2018 shone a light on? What fell by the wayside?
  • What were the areas that felt MISALIGNED in 2018 and what can you do to change them? What did 2018 show you that you need to up-level, let go of and move on from in your business?

2018 Action areas …

  • How did you SERVE your clients and your community in 2018? How did you consistently add value to your tribe in 2018?
  • How did you INSPIRE your clients and your community in 2018? How did you lead by example? Who inspired you in 2018? Who were your business BFF’s?
  • How do you KNOW yourself more because of 2018? How did 2018 show you what you are really made of?
  • How did 2018 help TRANSFORM you and your business? What are the main differences from the end of 2017 to the end of 2018? What did you actively choose to let go of?

Listen to the recording a few times today and over the next few days…

After a while you will notice something. You will notice that we normally seek praise, acceptance and confirmation from external sources. What if we could hear from ourselves how well we did in our businesses in 2018, and that life is about the journey not the destination.

This is MASSIVE! Let this sink in. Share below on the comments – any AHA’s (not specific details), your main take away’ s from the blog and any questions you have.

It’s amazing what you do what you do when someone is watching! See you next week when we will be looking at the Money Honey!

To your success.


Jo x