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Lets talk lead magnets.  With the algorithms changing on social media the focus is more than ever to build a list and one way to do this is to have a lead magnet.

A lead magnet is your irresistible freebie – its the ‘stuff’ that you give away in exchange for a prospective client’s email address.  The purpose is two-fold.  It is a perfect way to get in front of your ideal client and showcase what you know.  And as you have their email address, providing you share valuable information you can then nurture and communicate with them and they become part of your tribe.

A lead magnet helps in the getting to know you process AND it is about providing value.

BUT It is not interruption marketing!  If the call to action on your website is ‘sign up to my newsletter’ – please please please change it NOW! to something that answers your ideal clients problem and a need they have!

Remember to go above and beyond and create content that your audience NEED and LOVE.

It is your job to give your tribe them something really valuable in exchange for their email address, (in line with current GDPR regulations).

This week I have worked with a few of my coaching clients to create their lead magnet.  There is a process to this.  Who is your ideal client? What are they really struggling with? What are the main questions they are asking themselves?  How can you help them?  What is your answer and solutions?

We need to solve their problem.  You need to create a unique offer, something that provides one quick win.  

What kind of things could you provide?

➸ A checklist?
➸ A cheat sheet?
➸ A toolkit?
➸ A template?
➸ A planner?
➸ A workbook?
➸ A webinar?
➸ A quiz?
➸ A meditation?
➸ A podcast?
➸ A video training series?

Lead magnets are NOT full e-books or courses or complete products that you normally sell.  It is something short, valuable and informative.

My top 10 tips to creating the perfect lead magnet!

  1. Make the title catchy and content quick and easy to digest, be super specific on the results they are going to get
  2. Make the title snappy – alliteration is always a winner here
  3. Provide high value to them at low cost to you
  4. Get it designed or use Canva – it needs to be visually attractive
  5. It should not really need to be more than 5-6 pages
  6. Page one is the cover
  7. Page 2 is all about them and how you can help them
    The next few pages are the content
  8. The last page has your bio, testimonials, and a strong call to action with how you can help them further
  9. Provide 80% of the information – hold a bit back … so if they are really interested in solving this pain they can contact you for further information
  10. It doesn’t stop here … we then nurture our tribe with a follow up email sequence and continue to connect and add value (but that’s another blog 🙂

Lead magnets are one area where I see businesses hesitate and procrastinate.  They know they need one – but what will they provide that is different?

I can help you, we get clarity on your message, your ideal client and what is REALLY going on for them so you can create the most irresistible freebie  in town! so you can attract and build quality leads that convert.  We will also ensure its created, designed and uploaded to your website.

For help on your lead magnet – contact me here – jo@josoley.com