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Why your business needs a lead magnet!

Lets talk lead magnets.  With the algorithms changing on social media the focus is more than ever to build a list and one way to do this is to have a lead magnet. A lead magnet is your irresistible freebie - its the 'stuff' that you give away in exchange for a...

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10 ways to plan your 2018 without the overwhelm!

Twixmas ... the bit between Christmas and New Year ... what do you do? The bit in between Christmas and New Year ... do you work? do you regroup? do you rest? As a self-employed female business owner, I like many others do not take 25 days holiday a year (a week off...

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Is your networking not working?

 Networking - do you or don't you? In the world of online connections, news on the street may be that networking is no longer necessary as takes too long and can be expensive.  Why look to reach prospective clients with one small fishing net when you can...

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Getting Your Heart Centred Business Message Right

Getting Your Heart Centred Business Message Right The importance of getting your business message and marketing strategy right for heart-centred female entrepreneurs. You must have heard the saying failing to plan is planning to fail? Or even the 6 p’s – prior...

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A picture speaks a thousand words

Are you picture perfect? When my ideal clients and tribe connect with me through my website, among the positive feedback I receive is that they like the photographs of me that I have used.  Now this may sound a bit self-important but hear me out ... Many people do not...

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You don’t need to show off you just need to show up!

You don't need to show off, you just need to show up! I heard this sentence at a conference last week and I've been thinking about it a lot. One of the main areas I work on with my clients is content creation.  A common resistance I see is fear of oversharing, for...

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Why once is killing your heart centred business

Marketing works when its consistent and persistent.  Consistent marketing works when you get your message in front of people to ensure visibility time after time after time. Heart centred marketing does not work once. Consistent marketing does not work once. Once is...

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Are you on message

Who are you? What do you do? Do people know what you do? What is your key message in your business? The one you focus on. When I started my business in Devon in June 2014 I offered an array of services from PR to social media management to business...

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Why does your business need an ideal client?

Why does your business need an ideal client? As a marketing coach one of the first thing I ask my clients is ‘Who is your ideal client?’ and time after time I am shocked at the reply that I hear.  ‘Everyone!’ The stark truth is that everyone is not your client. ...

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