Business Planning Week 3 – Business Desires

Did you read the blog I wrote last week all About the Money Honey? – you can find it HERE For the third week of my 12-week Business Planning Blog series, it's all about Business Desires, what you want, what you really really want! from your business. This is something...

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My Journey With Numerology – The Beginning

I remember always being fascinated by numerology from a young age. Every time I saw an article in a magazine (or in latter years) a blog post, I would make a beeline for it. From following instructions in one of these posts I worked out my destiny number...

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Why your business needs a lead magnet!

Lets talk lead magnets.  With the algorithms changing on social media the focus is more than ever to build a list and one way to do this is to have a lead magnet. A lead magnet is your irresistible freebie - its the 'stuff' that you give away in exchange for a...

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Is your networking not working?

 Networking - do you or don't you? In the world of online connections, news on the street may be that networking is no longer necessary as takes too long and can be expensive.  Why look to reach prospective clients with one small fishing net when you can...

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Getting Your Heart Centred Business Message Right

Getting Your Heart Centred Business Message Right The importance of getting your business message and marketing strategy right for heart-centred female entrepreneurs. You must have heard the saying failing to plan is planning to fail? Or even the 6 p’s – prior...

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A picture speaks a thousand words

Are you picture perfect? When my ideal clients and tribe connect with me through my website, among the positive feedback I receive is that they like the photographs of me that I have used.  Now this may sound a bit self-important but hear me out ... Many people do not...

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Scarletta Social Tea Break with Social Stylist Melanie Mackie and Brilliant Business Angel Jo Soley

In this interview I am interviewed by Melanie Mackie - the Social Stylist where she asks me about my social style ... If you missed my last interview you can watch it here -

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