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I am often asked to speak from stage about Using Numerology to Elevate Your Business Success. 

Why? Because it is so fascinating!


I am an energetic speaker and I have spoken at large events up to 500 people and I have spoken for the last couple of years for Costa Women and 1230 TWC for International Women’s Day in Marbella Spain.


I also speak at smaller events and am regularly asked to be a guest speaker for private VIP groups and masterminds, where I explain the power behind numerology and show everyone how to work out their Life Path number and what this means for their life and business success.

My Hot Topics include ..

How can Numerology help YOU in your Business?
Using the Powers of Numerology to elevate your business success as
You + Numerology = Business Success!
Who is the business owner who needs to understand their numbers?
There are better times and easier times to do things!

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Are You Looking For an Energetic Speaker to deliver a fascinating subject?

“Jo Soley was introduced to me as an engaging speaker for 1230 The Women’s Company lunch-time meetings around 5 years ago.

Speaking on the phone to Jo before that meeting we immediately hit it off and I knew she had a powerful commitment in delivering an interesting and relevant topic. Jo did not disappoint; she was fun, and impactful giving everyone great action points to leave with.

Getting to know Jo more, I invited her to speak at the Make it Happen Conference, Marbella, as a celebration of International Women’s Day last year. Jo was so popular that the testimonials from this event called for Jo’s return this year. Jo’s preparation for all her talks is first-class, providing all the details required on-time.

 Ever developing, Jo’s heart-centred coaching business was changing with her focus being on the fascinating subject of Numerology for business. Jo captivated the 120 strong audience of business women with this topic. With handouts and clear, powerful explanation on how everyone could work out their numbers and what they meant for their individual business success, her informative and fast-action style captures and holds the audience’ attention.

I cannot praise Jo highly enough – if you want someone who is fun, a little different in speaker style and impactful, then Jo’s the one for you. I will always recommend Jo Soley as a speaker.”

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 Jackie Groundsell

1230 TWC

Effective networking for effective business women

Wow! Jo has hosted two sessions for my communities recently, and we’re blown away. Jo’s depth of knowledge and passion for her subject bring numerology to life in a way that’s super interesting and highly useful for busy entrepreneurs.

Understanding your life path and business number (and how to set aligned pricing and find the best launch dates) are invaluable tools, and Jo is very generous in sharing her considerable expertise. Thank you Jo for all the insights and advice!

If you’re looking for a unique angle on your business, numerology or your own life path, I highly recommend Jo as both a speaker or trainer.

Cassie H


If you’re a business owner who is interested in using ‘The Powers of Numerology to Elevate Your Business Success’, then book a call to speak to me using the link below.  On this 30-minute call I will show you an overview of your numbers and share the ways you can work with me through my Bizology Sessions & Packages.


My free interactive Face Book community, where I share Bizology hints and tips.

Join below to find out more about using numerology in business.

My free interactive Face Book community, where I share Bizology hints and tips.

Join below to find out more about using numerology in business