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Are you tired of the push and hustle and know deep down that you are not getting it quite right in your business?

You are ready to step up and shine. You are ready for the next level of success. You are ready to sidestep all the noise.

Growing a business often feels like it’s not for the faint hearted. You want to make it work but know that the answer isn’t looking outside of yourself. Its within.

Sounds cliché? Bear with me.


A way that helps you understand yourself as a business owner – appreciating all of the layers (there are many). A way where you understand yourself, the energies at play and are able to optimize your work time and outcomes without all the procrastination, frustration and overwhelm.

Welcome to Bizology – Using the Powers of Numerology to Elevate your Business Success, guiding business owners who understand there is a force higher than them, and want to use this invisible and real force to move forward.

If you are someone who wishes to…

* Create deeper impact & more income

* Understand you are more in control than you think you are – and from this place you can achieve your goals

* Create a plan to move forward on your divine business path, from a flow of quantum movement

* Move forward with your business and marketing with ease

* Align to why you are here and from this place build your business, attract clients and create the monthly income you desire

* Stop procrastinating and take aligned action

After working closely with hundreds of business owners it’s unmistakable that the Bizology approach unleashes potential and creates growth.

Working with this modality is not a one and done.

Once you have access to this information it changes your life forever.

Stop paying for yet another course or program that simply doesn’t create the impact you are looking for, learn a new way of tapping into your business potential.

Not a one-size fits all model. An approach aligned with your unique numeric blueprint. I will show you how to really move forward by understanding the heart of you.

I have explained more about my sessions below.

You can book a discovery call with me today on this link HERE or email jo@josoley.com 

On this call I will show you some insights that will blow you away about your own numeric energies – and share the ways in which you can work with me. Your future self will absolutely thank you for taking this action. Speak soon 😊

Jo x


Bizology life Path Number Session

In this session I connect you to…


  • The Symbology of the Number
  • Characteristics and Goals of the Life Path number in Business
  • Lessons of the Life Path number
  • Challenges and Potential Negatives of the Life Path number
  • Direction of the Life Path number in Business
  • Using your Life Path number in business

So that you can …

  • Understand much more about Your Life Path number and how this information can impact YOUR life and business
  • Stop putting square pegs in round holes and appreciate the way we all run our business will differ – our Life Path number shows you the starting blocks
  • Appreciate you have a job to do in the world and receive more clarity around this
  • Be serious about aligning to your business purpose and potential and find out more

Includes personalised report and recorded zoom call.

Investment – £125 – approximately 75 minutes.

Discover more about Your Life Path In Business HERE.

Bizology life Path Number Session


Bizology 4 Roads in Numerology

Recommended to be taken after you have had the Life Path session with me as this is the next steps.

There are 7 ½ billion people in the world and we don’t just chop everyone into 11 numbers, it goes so much deeper than this. The real juice lies in your 4 roads – WHY are you YOU and how do YOU run YOUR business.

During this session we look at …

We look at:

Life Path (recap)

Your Approach Number

Your Ultimate Goal

Your Link Number

Your Power Number

So that you can…

  • Delve deeper into your numeric energies – appreciate what makes YOU you and how this impacts your business success
  • Discover how you can truly align to what you are here to do in business
  • Appreciate the pitfalls of your numbers, as business is not meant to be easy, but we make it more difficult – let me show you the full picture of the numbers you are working with to align to the success you deserve

Includes personalised report and recorded zoom call

Investment – £125 – approximately 75 minutes

Discover more about Your 4 Roads In Business HERE

Bizology 4 Roads in Numerology


Bizology personal Year Numerology

We work in 9-year cycles. Personal years start on your birthday and end on your birthday, and they show us what we are currently working on in our businesses.

Knowing which personal year, you are in helps you work with the vibration of the year and its energies instead of against it.

It is always the right time to do the right thing but there are better times and years, easier times and years to do things.

In this session I show you the Personal Year you are in, so you can connect to what the soil is fertile for right now!

So that you can …

  • Appreciate that you need ebb and flow and growth and consolidation in your business

• Understand the overview of each personal year so you know what to expect top line for the coming years

• Find out what the soil is fertile for in your business this year

• Stop swimming against the tide, and ways to work on your business if the tide is not in for growth!

  • Understand the personal months and how to use these as a treasure map – forget a business plan!

Get ready to use the cosmic currents to align your business activity to its innate success!

Includes personalised report and recorded zoom call

Investment – £125 – approximately 1 hour

Discover more about Your Personal Year & Personal Month In Business HERE

Bizology personal Year Numerology


Bizology Name in numerology

Words are spells that is why we call them spelling 😊 – words have tremendous powers.

So when you change your name, you literally change your life!

We also can have a lot of an energy in our name or missing an energy in our name. If you have something in your name – again you have it for a reason.

How are you seen in business? Let me show you … So that you can …

  • Understand that you are a different person in public than in private – let me show you why!
  • Appreciate why you felt a vibrational shift when you changed your name – let me explain
  • Gain an insight to why there are certain areas in life and business that allude you as equally you understand you have innate superpowers

Includes personalised report and recorded zoom call

Investment – £125 – approximately 1 hour

Discover more about Your Name, Your Expression & Your Soul Urge HERE

Bizology Name in numerology


A business is alive. It has its own name, character, style, brand, colour, flavour and much else besides. Because it is alive it attracts and repels according to its nature. and its nature can be revealed through its numerology.

By calculating your businesses life path number and expression number we can identify what your business is here to do, be and have, revealing its skills, talents and abilities and how it interacts with others.

In turn we can identify what we need to do to ensure your business energies are being optimised. 

This session is for you if …

  • You are wanting to understand what the name of your business means – and how it is seen by your clients and community
  • You are wanting to discover the Life Path number of your business and understand what it requires from you at the helm
  • You are curious about the gifts that your business has and the impact it is here to bring to the world through the job it is here to do and would like to know more

Includes personalised report and recorded zoom call
Investment – £125 – approximately 75 minutes

Bizology Life Path & Name


Includes 4 or 5 sessions – Looking at …

  1. Your Life Path
  2. Your 4 Roads
  3. The Personal Year you are in and
  4. The energies of your Name
  5. The energy of your Business – it’s Life Path & Name.

These sessions are for you if …

All of the above resonates with you and you know you are ready to embrace and elevate your success using Bizology!

I suggest these sessions are 1 a week for 4/5 weeks

The sessions takes place on zoom and are recorded – a personalised report is created.


Investment – 4 sessions = £425 – save £75! (without the business sessions)

Investment – 5 sessions = £500 – save £125! (INCLUDES the business sessions)


Bizology Boost Session Numerology


The Bizology Boost is a welcomed top up – to remind you of the numeric energies you are working with.  Life is busy, so this session helps you get back on track with your numbers and what they mean for your life and business.

The Bizology Boost session is for you if …

  • You have embarked on a Bizology package and could benefit from a reminder of how powerful you are – your numbers show you this.
  • You are ready for a positive injection of your numbers to help you understand how you can manage these times better.

Bizology Boost session includes …

  • A recap of your numbers and what this means for where you are in your life RIGHT NOW
  • How you can navigate these times knowing the energies of your numbers and how they fit together
  • A focus on your new Personal Year or Month and how to use this energy to move forward in your business.
Bizology Boost Session Numerology

Investment – £111 – approximately 1 hour

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Join below to find out more about using numerology in business.

My free interactive Face Book community, where I share Bizology hints and tips.

Join below to find out more about using numerology in business.