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Who is the business owner who needs to understand their numbers?

Running a business can feel like you are on your own. Running a business can feel like you are searching for a needle in a haystack! You feel that there is so much to do, so much you can do, so many directions you could go in, so many decisions to make and this lack of clarity can keep you stuck.

You know you need solid foundations to move forward. You want to feel in control, not overworked, burnt out or confused. You want to connect to your purpose and passion in your business.

Why do you need to understand your numbers? What is the pain of not understanding them?

By consulting your numbers, your 4 roads and the numeric energies of your business (and teams), you can align to another way of doing things, and connect to a clearer path in which to head.

Numerology guides you. Numerology helps you understand yourself at a deeper level.

Numerology enables you to lean on and access a source that is higher than you.

Numerology ensures you are prepared to operate in your business from a natural flow of Quantum movement.

We are all unique – we are meant to be. We can do things and act in a way that no-one else can do. When we understand this, connect to this and optimise this – we can make changes to co-create, change and improve our world.

We have 4 roads





We work with 4 different multi-dimensional roads, and to be whole, we need to activate and work with our 4 roads.


Your life path number (also known as the Destiny number) is THE single most important number in numerology.

It is created from the numbers in your date of birth. You cannot change this. You cannot physically be reborn in this lifetime, we speak about spiritual rebirth, but you cannot change your date of birth – it is impossible!

Your life path is the path to follow that accords with your essential nature. It is your initiation into what you came to do and become – Your Destiny. What you are destined to do here on earth.

This is the direction we must take to achieve our long-term fulfilment. Pursuing this road sees us working in harmony with the universe. It enables us to capitalise on our strengths and be aware of our weaknesses.

Your life path number relates to how you operate in your life and business!

Understanding your life path number literally gives you a key to freedom.

Understanding your life path number connects you to what you are here to do – in essence, the path of your life.

Understanding your life path number really helps you connect to what is possible for you and your business.

Through strengthening your connection with yourself – and identifying and recognising your purpose – you can smooth your lives path.

When your life path is explained to you – it will resonate and feel right – as you already know it.  The trick is, are you working with or against it? And if against, how is this working out for you?

If we are working in the negative of our life path number, you will know about it! Your life will not flow or work for you and you will not feel peace in your life. Instead you will feel stuck.

When we understand the energy of our Destiny Number and what that means for our lives, it helps us connect to our path and purpose. We will find a ‘rightness’ going on with our lives as life fits and flows. Going deeper, it helps us share our message in the world and serve our tribe in a way that is aligned with our innate gifts and destiny. It also reveals unresolved lessons from previous lives.

“I had some Bizology sessions with Jo whilst we were in lockdown as I wanted to gain some clarity in my business. It was a really powerful & thought provoking experience. It cleared some past self limiting beliefs and really showed me that I already have all the tools I need to succeed. Numerology gave me an appreciation of how I can work with my numbers.

Jo is so incredibly passionate and knowledgeable about numerology and a pleasure to work with.

– FT



How are you personally getting to grips with your life to achieve your true Life Path? Understanding your approach number shows us how we can uniquely go about this. In essence this road is easier to navigate, therefore many will operate from this road, although the trick is to really master our life path number.



This road is linked to what you are ultimately here to do in this lifetime.



This road is the glue that holds all the other roads together – in essence, it is what comes naturally to you and applies to all the other roads. It is in this number that your uniqueness is fully revealed.

When your 4 roads are revealed to you – you will understand where you are on your path. We can only learn what we are ready to learn.



This is the number that shows that we are running the show and not the show running us. This can only be achieved if we are in charge of our other 4 roads.



There are energies and vibrations that affect the world we live in on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis. The best way to map these is to tune into the energies of the month and year.

If the cake is not ready, you do not want to take it out of the oven! The modern world has us running from the assumption that we can everything now, alas this is not true! Sometimes we are not ready for things to come into fruition. Timing is always paramount, we need to literally ‘go with the flow …’!




We work in 9-year cycles. Personal years start on your birthday and end on your birthday and are related to what you are currently working on. Knowing which personal year you are currently in helps you work with the vibration of the year and its energies. It is always the right time to do the right thing but there are better times and years, easier times and years to do things. Working in alignment with our personal years help us ‘go with the flow …’.

So, for example, a Personal Year 1 is about doing new things, different things, getting more niche, opening up to new possibilities, starting new initiatives, ideas and projects, taking a lot of new inspired action and keeping momentum. As 1 is about new beginnings, what we sow, seed and plant and attend to now in our business will determine the rewards of our harvest for the next 9 years.

Enter Your Details In My FREE Bizology® Personal Year Calculator To Work Out Your Personal Year To Show You What The Soil Is Fertile For This Year In Your Business!


Nature doesn’t get stressed out, she knows when to bloom and she knows when to shed and release. Mother Earth operates cycles within cycles. We can too. There is a monthly rhythm that we can harmonise to within our business lives to help us naturally flow within its parameters. Aligning with the personal month will help you to get things done – like a monthly forecast!



There are ways to tune into the energy of the days. Understanding these cosmic influences creates game-changing awareness and alignment.



What’s in a name?

Our name shows us how we like to express ourselves in our business. It reveals some of your skills, talents and abilities and how you interact with others. We cannot change our life path number BUT we can, and we do change our name and when we do, we change our life. We have frequencies of energies within our name and likewise we can be missing energies within our names. Appreciating the super powers and gaps helps us bring our innate gifts and work to fill what we don’t have, so the negatives become the positive. Your wound is your healer! There are no mistakes, only lessons. If you have something, you have it for a reason.



What is your prime motivating factor in your life and business? Your soul urge number is your driving force. It shows what your soul really wants from your life and business. How are you currently acting to align with this? Identifying your soul urge shows us this.

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Enter Your Details In My FREE Bizology® Life Path Calculator To Work Out Your Own Personal Life Path!

Your life path number relates to how you operate in your life and business, so you really want to check it out!

1. I already know my Life Path number is it worth diving deeper?

OMG totally as your Life Path number is literally the beginning. There are 7.5 billion people in the world, so we don’t just divide everyone into 11 numbers, it goes a lot deeper. Knowing your Life Path number is like knowing your Sun Sign in Astrology – there are many more layers. Appreciating these layers helps you navigate who you are as a business owner.

2. I already know what Personal Year I am in – is there any more to know?

Yes, yes and yes. We work in 9-year cycles and there are better years and easier years to do things. Your Personal Year shows you the weather forecast related to the year you are working in. However, it goes a lot deeper as there are energies within the year that we also need to be aware of. It is also important to note that your Personal Year sits within the 9-year cycle, so it highlights what went before and what is coming up.

3. What do you recommend with regards to the sessions? Where shall I start …

Your Life Path number (also called your Destiny number) is THE best place to start. As 75% of what is going on within your numeric energies is related to your Life Path number, taken from your date of birth and you cannot change this.

So YES this is THE best place to start. However, there is much more to your energetic blueprint than your Life Path number, it goes a lot deeper. There are numbers that you will find easy to be, numbers that ultimately you will want to work towards and numbers that will trip you up. Starting with the Life Path number is the first port of call and everything develops from this number.

4. Can I just start with 1 session?

You can, and you do not necessarily need to book a call with me to do this, you can book one HERE. However, numerology, and when used in business Bizology, is not a one and done, it goes a lot deeper.  That is why I have created packages that are specifically designed to take you on a journey to understand who you are as a business owner. These start at £585 for 4 sessions and you can take a look HERE.

5. Can I buy a session for someone else / members of my team?

Of course, Bizology Gift Vouchers are available to purchase and these are the perfect gift for you to give that special someone to help them understand who they are on a deeper level, so they can operate in their life and business from this understanding. An ideal gift for a birthday or to say a big THANK YOU to your team member you can’t do without.

How Does It Work? You can choose from the Bizology sessions by clicking HERE.

6. Do you work with teams and show everyone their numbers?

Yes! Businesses have a deep-rooted set of values and cultures. Teams are made up of a variety of colourful individuals and skill sets. Team compatibility and harmony is critical in moving your business forward. A lot of people do not understand their complexity (let alone that of other people); therefore, conflict can easily arise in teams as it is easy to be on different pages.

Bizology Teams is all about empowering staff to understand who they are and how they tick and, in turn, understand how others tick. So that they can empower and manage themselves and their working relationships in the best way.
To discuss your bespoke requirements email Jo at jo@josoley.com or call 00 44 7718 123229

7. Do you deliver masterclasses in other people’s groups?

I speak at events of all sizes and am regularly asked to be a guest speaker for private VIP groups and masterminds, where I explain the power behind numerology and show everyone how to work out their Life Path number and / or Personal Years and what this means for their life and business success. Book your slot for your community by emailing jo@josoley.com and take a look at my media pack HERE.

8. I AM Bizology Curious – where is the best place to start?

If you’re a business owner who is interested in using ‘The Powers of Numerology to Elevate Your Business Success’, then BOOK A CALL. In this 30-minute call I will show you an overview of your numbers and share the ways you can work with me through my Bizology Sessions & Packages.  If these dates and times do not suit you please email jo@josoley.com and I will give you some other options. I look forward to speaking to you.

If you have any other questions, please do let me know.

Thank you