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Knowing Your Numbers Increases Your Numbers! 

The Bizology® Soundbites Podcast is for business owners who understand there is a very real and powerful force that is higher than they are and are interested in using this
force to move forward in their life and business. 

Nothing works unless you do!  Bizology® enables you to drop the ‘hard’ and ‘hustle’ and align to your numbers as these hold all the magic YOU need for YOU to be successful.  When you understand YOUR numbers then the business strategy, messaging, branding and visibility that you need to grow your business becomes within reach – as you are here to do a specific job and your numbers show you how to do this.

Join Jo Soley, founder of Bizology® for a fortnightly adventure into opening your mind to the powers of the numbers.
Forget a business plan Bizology® shows you a treasure map 😊

Each episode will leave YOU with Bizology® insights, tools, tips and new perspectives to make a difference in YOUR business and life.

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5 Ways to Rid Stale & Negative Energy from Your Work Space with Emma Louise Dyson

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As well as studying with the GIA (Gemological Institute of America), Emma Louise Dyson is a Crystal Practitioner, Self-proclaimed Nature Nerd and Eclectic Witch. Emma has worked in the jewellery and gemstone industry for almost 20 years and her career has taken her around the globe. She trained in New York’s Diamond District, has visited gemstone mines in Tanzania and has worked in over 25 countries across 6 continents, representing luxury brands such as Cartier, David Yurman and Mont Blanc. 

She is also a freelance shopping tv presenter who has been featured on numerous TV channels globally, including Gems TV, Rocks TV, JewelleryMaker, The Lounge and Hochanda. 

Emma now runs a successful crystal, jewellery and mineral business called Rock Chic where she “presents mother nature’s treasures with passion”. 

Rock Chic has not only been built with passion, but Emma’s mission is to continue to share that passion with the world and in turn ignite passion in others. 

In this episode, Jo speaks to Emma …

  • About the fact, we spend a lot of time in our workspace and although we might give our desk a clean and wipe down our keyboard, with the stresses and challenges that running a business brings, it’s easy for our space to accumulate stuck, stagnant or negative energy. 
  • Emma will share 5 simple, cost-effective and fun ways you can energetically spring clean your workspace as well as your home. 
  • You will leave knowing exactly how you can move stagnant and stuck energy to help get your creative juices going and get back into flow. 



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