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You + Numerology = Business Success

Bizology 101 Podcast series is the collision of numerology with business coaching.

Bizology 101 Podcast series will help you …

• Understand who you are as a business owner, taking an authentic approach and ultimately making a more significant impact on the business world.

• Appreciate that your numeric energies deliver powerful and valuable insights that allow you to show up in your business, improve your creativity and productivity, develop better client relationships and increase profitability.

• Give yourself permission to align to your business, to create sustainable success!
Bizology® grants access to higher-level business solutions

Are you ready to turn your true ‘Life Path Number’ and purpose into profit using your personal numeric code?

Then you are listening to the right podcast!

Do you know your Life Path number?
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Nothing works unless you do!  Bizology® enables you to drop the ‘hard’ and ‘hustle’ and align to your numbers as these hold all the magic YOU need for YOU to be successful.  When you understand YOUR numbers then the business strategy, messaging, branding and visibility that you need to grow your business becomes within reach – as you are here to do a specific job and your numbers show you how to do this.

Join Jo Soley, founder of Bizology® for a weekly adventure into opening your mind to the powers of the numbers.
Forget a business plan Bizology® shows you a treasure map 😊

Each episode will leave YOU with Bizology® insights, tools, tips and new perspectives to make a difference in YOUR business and life.

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Bizology Podacst

Life Path Numbers 1-22 and What This Means For Your Business

Dive in and listen to this week’s episode and share with your community. I would love to hear your feedback.


Episode 97: Life Path Numbers 1-22 and what this means for your business – BUMPER EPISODE!

In the new Bizology Soundbites Podcast season I explain why it is important to make friends with your Life Path number and if used to its optimum how it impacts your business success.

In this new 11-episode Life Path number series, I will connect you to the most important number we use in numerology and explain the importance of harnessing its energies.

Taking each Life Path number 1-22 across 11 episodes and sharing …

  • Why you want to know your Life Path number
  • Why it is THE most important number in business
  • How it impacts your business success
  • AND how to harness it

Episode 97 – Life Path Numbers 1-22 and what this means for your business – BUMPER EPISODE!

What is a Life Path Number?

The Life Path number, it is THE most important number in numerology, showing you your direction in life, the main opportunities you will attract, your talents and characteristics in business. It shows you more about you and how you operate as a business owner than any other number.

Your Life Path number shows you how to

  • Manage your business
  • Connect with your audience
  • And bring more flow and abundance (including profit) into your business strategy.
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