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Continue Your Bizology Journey with Your Magical Numbers



Here is the thing, working with your numbers is not a one and done, it is not a magic wand.

Knowing your numeric energies is very powerful, but it is an on ongoing journey. Every day I connect more to the magic of knowing my numbers. I frequently receive aha moments related to how my numbers connect and fit together.

Bizology is much more than a month’s package.

So this is what I propose!

You know that Bizology helps you

  • Revive your enthusiasm for Life and Business
  • Renew your commitment to Life and Business
  • Reconnect to your purpose in Life and Business

You have been on a journey with me looking at your

  • Life Path Number
  • Your 4 Roads
  • Your Personal Year
  • The Cosmic Currents
  • The energies of your name
  • And much much more

And I Know How You Feel

‘One of my best investments – highly recommend people!’

– SE

‘I booked a package of four sessions with Jo and it felt like she was putting all of the pieces of the jigsaw together! She helped me learn the best time to do things in my business, how to play to my strengths and equally important why certain things don’t work so well for me. Jo ensured that I understood the content and was always happy to answer any questions. I would describe Jo as caring, friendly and very knowledgeable and I would recommend her to anyone who wants to take their business forward.’

– ED

‘Loved this 4-week package Jo – it transformed my life.’

– SL

As My Clients Tell Me!

Another thing they commonly say is that they miss our sessions.

I have a Facebook group with 800+ members in it and I am often asked questions to which I reply – please take a look at your Bizology report (as it is all in there).

But I am not happy with this answer as I want to be able to delve deeper and help them understand on a deeper level – we both want their Bizology journey to continue.

Initially I thought it wasn’t possible, that I couldn’t create a group program. How could I have lots of different people with different numbers working in the same group?

Then it came to me in a lightbulb moment

I take you through your numbers then I create a circle where each month we look at a numeric energy for the month and you take the month and the time to delve deeper with me in the group.


With the first group call on 17th September 2020 – it will take place every new moon date
(or near to as possible) so we work with the new creational energy …

The Dates For 2020

  • Thursday 17th September 2020 at 11am
  • Thursday 15th October 2020 at 11am 
  • Monday 16th November 2020 at 11am
  • Monday 14th December 2020 at 11am

The Bizology Magic Circle is for you if

  • You have worked with me in my 4/5 session Bizology Package or
  • You have worked with me in my 3 months ‘Bizology Immersion Program’

    And want to embed this delicious knowledge into your life and business as you are asking – ‘What is next?’

The Bizology Magic Circle

  • Enables you to continue your Bizology Journey
  • Is a supportive circle with like-minded business owners
  • Is a monthly magic circle where we delve into all things Bizology

You know your numbers and the magic continues when

  • You connect deeper to your numbers on a daily, weekly and monthly basis
  • You make the time to work with your numbers and really integrate this information
  • You work with like-minded people and talk to others about their numbers
  • You work in a community
  • We look at your pricing
  • We look at your team members and their numbers
  • We look at the key people in your life as compatibility is a real thing – we go deeper and help you appreciate the compatibility of numbers as some numbers work better with others
  • We look at the dates you launch
  • We look at the names of your products and services
  • And so much more …

What is included in the Bizology Magic Circle?

  • A dedicated Bizology Magic Circle Facebook group for members of the Bizology Magic Circle
  • With the focus each month on a key Bizology area
  • A monthly group 1 hour call on zoom (at the time of the new Moon) where we delve deeper into the focus of the month (these calls are recorded)
  • Files set up in the Bizology Magic Circle Facebook group delivered each month for you to delve deeper into
  • A private space for you to ask questions in Bizology Magic Circle Facebook group related to pricing, launching and product names
  • Support from the other members in the group who are invested in their Bizology journey – a magic circle of other passionate entrepreneurs who understand that there is a force higher than them and want to walk their numbers in daily life to elevate their business success
  • Your personal copy Complimentary personal year e-book
  • And so much more …

This is a rolling group and new members can join at any time

The Bizology Magic Circle investment

Choose from the following options

The Bizology Magic Circles Starts in September 2020

These are introductory rates and will be reviewed in January 2021.

You can cancel at anytime.

Please note to become a member of the Bizology Magic Circle you must have completed the Bizology 4 sessions as a minimum.

I am so very excited to have you join me!



If you have already carried out The Bizology Sessions and would like to speak to Jo about the Magic Circle options available
- please book a call with Jo below

If you can not find a time to suit you email jo@josoley.com to book your call!