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Welcome to a new way of approaching business!

The Bizology® Business Evolution

Guiding business leaders who are ready to reach quantum heights in business by working with their powerful uniqueness.

It is now time to release your potential (like really fulfil it …)

But in a way that is aligned to you – not following others prescribed methodology. Remember that other business guru’s strategies are literally none of your business.

The ‘business cookie cutter approach’ doesn’t work, as you have your own unique business imprint and the ways in which to play to these strengths and these qualities are shown in your numeric chart.

Your business, run with your numbers identifies your divine uniqueness and delivers powerful and valuable insights that allows you to authentically show up in your business.

Numbers, it is believed were first used before words. Numbers have always been teaching people about life.

Numbers represent nature that can expand your mind (and business) offering philosophical, psychological and scientific insights. Interpreted as energies and vibration – constantly changing and adapting to the world they represent.

Numbers have a consciousness – they represent the inner and hidden energies contained within your energetic blueprint.

That’s numerology.

Your business potential is represented in your numbers.

That’s Bizology®.

Bizology® helps you discover the powers of numbers in your own life – applying deep seating wisdom to create tangible success.

are you ready to unravel your inner business secrets? …

Confidently moving forward in your business with knowledge and insight.

Bizology® helps you channel your strengths

Optimising your business success, from a place of self-appreciation and self-acceptance, working with your superpowers and becoming aware of your personal challenges.

Bizology® helps you find the missing piece in your business

Enabling you to build stronger foundations, giving you deep insights into who you are as a business leader – providing clear ideas to take your business forward. 

Bizology® helps you make better business decisions

Helping you put all the pieces of the business jigsaw together, so that you can play to your strengths and understand why some approaches do not work so well for you. 

Providing you with light bulb moments, appreciating that there are greater forces at play. 

Highlighting your superpowers and identifying the areas for growth. 

Giving you a clearer vision for future direction by helping you feel re-energised and super motivated to run your business.

Bizology® is revolutionary

Helping you activate your numbers to work at optimum performance.  

A high-performance tool to help you achieve goals. 

Giving you permission to align to who you truly are in business.

Your business.  Your way.

Jo had been on my radar for a while. I’d heard great things about her from members of my networking groups. I knew I’d find Jo’s work interesting, but I wasn’t prepared for how in depth her insights would be, or the clear ‘aha’ moments her sessions would give me. I have to say, too, that Jo was very open and approachable throughout the programme and helped me tackle some intense realisations with the kind of candour (and humour) I need and appreciate. I felt like I was in a safe space from day one, which is obviously important when you’re doing any kind of work that could otherwise leave you feeling emotionally or spiritually vulnerable.  I feel that I found Jo at the perfect time for my business – and, actually, my life – and I will definitely be using her guidance from here on in. Thanks for everything so far, Jo!” 


it is time to …

Connect and align to your numeric powers and …

  • Stand out from the crowd unapologetically owing your expert status.
  • Celebrate your uniqueness and make a lasting impact in your industry.
  • Own and operate from your remarkableness.
  • Take radical responsibility to create the business you say you want.
  • Have the tenacity to ride the business waves when things get a bit hairy (because they will!)

so that you can …


  • Follow your true business path confidently with more ease.
  • Optimise and perform at your peak (as there are better times and easier times to do things).
  • Strengthen your business intuition.
  • Identify what is important, what is missing and how and when to move forward – truly aligned.
  • Honour your capacity and deliver to your clients optimally.
  • Find calm and peace in times of stress and conflict.

supporting you to …


  • Get clear on your mission, vision and core values.
  • Create products and services that are aligned and stand by these business offerings.
  • Get clear on your ideal working week using the energies of the Cosmic Currents.
  • Get crystal clarity on what you bring to the business table – how you really help people.
  • Understand your unique approach to relationship marketing.
  • Making clear invitations to work with you as you understand who you are and the impact you deliver.
  • Lead from the front in your sales calls, developing trust and rapport with your prospects and handling objections with ease.
  • Stay completely in your business lane intuitively knowing what works. and saying NO to everything that is not in alignment by honouring your boundaries.
  • Discover and work with your numeric energies helping you improve your creativity and productivity, develop better client relationships and increase profitability.

Bizology® is based on the concept of uniqueness, treating every business and every business owner as completely and utterly unique.

And that UNIQUENESS is placed at the very HEART of Bizology®.

It is important to change the narrative and look inside, as this is where the real magic and power lies.

Bizology® results in more sales and profit
Bizology® results in more income
Bizology® results in more impact

I’m a fan of accessing the relevant resources to maximise your strengths in business and life. And this is what Jo helps you do. As she says, there are many advantages in knowing your numbers.

Working with Jo has:
*  Confirmed my alignment between self and work
*  Highlighted how to supercharge my natural, intuitive approach for me and my clients
* Provided a super easy framework for my pricing that works

Jo is a joy to work with, easy to ask questions of and very supportive.
You’ll get a set of comprehensive notes to refer to forever – and she’s active in her group when you have questions.
Don’t you owe it to yourself to know your own numbers?.”




  • Motivate yourself – being excited and passionate about running your business.
  • Creating impact in your business and show up and lead from a place of authenticity.
  • Strategically plan and operate your business

When you understand yourself through the lens of Bizology you appreciate your fast track to business success by …

  • Uncovering your secret business weapons by utilising a numeric road map.
  • Unapologetically owning your expert status – giving yourself permission to be the business owner you came here to be.
  • Being in control of your business – it does not run (or ruin) you.
  • Knowing what you want from your business – and create a plan to get it – zero excuses.
  • Making real change in your own life and business and the lives of those you touch.

 I just know that you are going to love unravelling the story of your Life Path and understanding the what’s, whys and wherefores of you and your business.

Why?  Because it is fascinating stuff.  But fascinating stuff that yields results! 


Jo’s knowledge of numerology is in depth and insightful, I thoroughly enjoyed our time together finding that numerology confirmed and strengthened intuitions that I already had. It’s a great science and one that helps build confidence around your purpose and meaning. I can highly recommend Jo’s work, if you are thinking about finding out more do not hesitate.



The Journey Is About…

Life Path number

Your Life Path Number

  • The Life Path number is the single most important number we use in Bizology®.
  • It shows you the direction to take in business, the main opportunities you will attract, your talents and characteristics.
  • It shows you more about you and how you operate as a business owner than any other number.
  • The path you are here to walk this lifetime is where you will find your success, power and energy in business.
  • It also uncovers the shadow side of your personality, highlighting the nemesis and negatives, so you can work to rectify these.

Yes, there are 7.9ish billion people in the world – we don’t just divide everyone into 11 numbers, but this is where we start.

Get ready to receive Aha moments!

Life Path number


There are another 4 numbers we look at as your Life Path number is just the start. These deeper numbers show you:

Each and every one of us are multi-layered and completely unique.

To stand any hope of understanding ourselves and how we operate in our businesses we must break ourselves down, by going deeper with our numeric chart.

4 more numbers show us…

    • The unique way you can navigate your Life Path number and how this impacts your success.
    • The ultimate goal that you are here to learn in this lifetime in business.
    • The number that feels familiar, but you don’t need to spend time being as you have already experienced it in a previous life (however much your Soul may fancy it).
    • The number that shows you how to run the show, so the show doesn’t run you!

At the same time, being aware of the pitfalls of your numbers, as we are the negatives of our numbers.

bizology treasure map


Timing is always paramount.

  • The Personal Year that you are currently in helps you understand what the soil is fertile for right NOW In your life and business.
  • Sometimes the soil is not fertile for our plans, appreciating what the soil is fertile for can help you move forward in your business.
  • By understanding the Personal Year that you are currently in you can discover what the year’s soil is fertile for. Working with instead of against the vibration of the year and its energies.
  • I help you understand monthly rhythms enabling you to harmonise your business, working with a natural flow within these parameters.
  • We map out the years that have passed and uncover what happened when. There are no mistakes, this gives you a road map for your business for the foreseeable future.

    Forget a business plan; this is a cosmic treasure map.

    bizology treasure map


    Understanding cosmic influences creates game changing awareness and alignment. There are energies and vibrations that affect the world we live in.  Harnessing these energies really creates game changing results in your business …

    From –

    • Appreciating that certain days of the week are more auspicious than others when it comes to getting the outcome that you want in your business. You can use the days of the week as a general planning guide to help you know when it is best to initiate or pursue certain endeavours. 

    To –

    • Understanding your personal Cosmic Currents on a deeper level – it is super powerful to look at any notable business astrological planetary returns that are due to show up in your chart so you can prepare accordingly. I also like to highlight any karmic returns including Saturn and Chiron, so you are prepared for these transits, as these provide opportunities for clearance, healing and levelling up.
    name numerically


    Choosing a name that means business

    Your name is not who you are, it is who you look like you are.  By understanding the energies of your name, and all the elements that make up your name, we can really start to appreciate how you are seen by others in business (to some extent and purpose – they treat you like this and you can behave like this.)

    Going deeper – your name reveals your skills, talents and abilities.  There is so many numeric details in your name – from your frequencies = your superpowers, what you are missing = blind spots, what your Soul Urges to what your Heart Desires in business.  Also, the number you go to create balance in your business.  Ultimately the small things turn into the big things!  Get ready to optimise and harness this power.


    name numerically
    Numerology in Business



    It has its own name, character, style, brand, colour, flavour and much else besides. Because it is alive it attracts and repels according to its nature, its nature can be revealed through its numerology. In a solo-entrepreneur situation, the numbers of the person running the show will be very important over time, as the business identity itself gains an online footprint, more clients, team – etc, the numbers of the business will start to operate independently of the numbers of the person.  Therefore, it is super important to look at the Businesses Life Path, 4 Roads, and numeric energies contained in its name. 

    Business Numeric Elements

    If you are wanting to set up a new business or product or service – it is important to understand the numeric frequency of the business name and new start date.

    Did you know your pricing creates an energy – and this is the vibration that your products and services are being sold at.  Your pricing is made up of numbers – e.g., £99, £197, £1997, £111, £111, £2222 etc. And these prices carry a numeric energy.  So, it is important that we understand what this is –are they compatible with your own numbers?

    You may have an event coming up, again, this date will have a numeric energy – lets consciously plan it so the frequency matches that of your intentions, goals and plans for the event.

    So, let’s look 😊

    jo soley bizology


    Grid Arithmancy – also used in Harry Potter is not just for wizards!  Plotting your personal number grid shows us important character strengths and shadows.  A complete line on your birth chart strengthens your character in some way – get ready to use this to the full in your business.  If you are missing a number line, this indicate a weakness – an area that needs to be strengthened.  Illuminating opportunity for growth and soul evolution.  Giving you a new layer of understanding of self to use in your businesses.

    jo soley bizology


    Personal Years are the quickest way to get information about what is going on for you RIGHT NOW.  To go to the next level, we uncover your Pinnacles and Challenges, looking at 4 distinct periods of development during your life.   Think of these like a master plan, each representing the lessons to be learned and navigated during a certain period.  These energies surround and influence you during a defined period of your life (in addition to your Life Path Number). Knowing your Pinnacles and their Challenges offers great validation and insight into the experiences you have gone through. Also offering some insight into what’s in store for you in the coming years.  Get ready to be inspired.

    karmic debt


    There are 4 testing numbers that are also referred to as Karmic Debt numbers.  A lot of people panic when they hear this term, no number is ‘bad’, however some numbers are ‘tricky’ meaning they face difficulties and challenges.  Definition of Karma – ‘The sum of a person’s actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences’.

    If you have a Karmic number in your numeric chart, it highlights what you are here to learn and work with this lifetime.  Knowledge of Karmic Debt numbers helps us to work with their energy and manage it more effectively.  Let’s look if you have any Karmic Debt in your chart and understand why, there are gifts here available to you, and life seems to make a lot more sense. (I will let you into a secret my Life Path number is a Karmic number – knowing this helped me manage it successfully and fearlessly move forward in business).

    karmic debt


    Numerology is an acknowledged science and when used in business AKA Bizology it shows you a new way of tapping into your business potential.

    Bizology brings Aha! moments related to what is currently going on in your business and assists in opening doors to possibilities.

    Bizology shows us not only personality analysis but how we can make better business decisions.

    It’s not maths or statistics – it’s spiritual empowerment into business, aligning your business vision with your personality.

    Not a one-size fits all model. An approach aligned with your own unique numeric blueprint.

    Working with this modality is not a one and done.

    Once you have access to this information it changes your life forever.


    I have worked with hundreds and hundreds of business owners to help them understand to help them understand their numbers and connect them to what we desire in our lives and business.

    By tailoring my Bizology approach to your unique needs you can discover how you can be on-point, work with your vibration and attune to the cosmic currents.

    From this place the right paths are taken, the right doors open, and the right opportunities will be shown to you. 
    There will still be bumps in the business road, the idea is to smooth and navigate these bumps.

    By spotting the messages behind the numbers, you can live with an innate understanding of Bizology to make everyday business decisions.

    And the more you work on your numbers, the more you connect to and find yourselves receiving what you most desire in your life and in your business.

    I work with you to help you understand who you are at a deeper level and from this place business success follows as the approach that you take is authentic to you and ultimately you make a more significant impact in the world.

    To Your Success

    Jo x

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