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Welcome to a new way of approaching business!

The Bizology® Business Evolution

Guiding business owners who are ready to reach quantum heights in their business by understanding a force higher than they are.

Let’s get serious about numbers

Nothing happens in life without numbers

They are literally intrinsic to everything we do. Mathematicians say numbers rule the world. And they are right!

Numerology is based on the concept of uniqueness, every business and every business owner is completely and utterly unique.
And that UNIQUENESS is placed at the very HEART of Bizology®.

But there are 7.9 billion people in the world. So, we don’t just divide everyone into 11 numbers, as that is like saying I’m Aries and the next person is Leo. Like your astrological chart, your numeric chart goes much deeper.

However much you desire to inspire, it is easy to get overwhelmed or lose direction, as you continue to look outside of yourself.

It is important to change the narrative and look inside, as this is where the real magic and power lies.

Bizology® results in more sales
Bizology® results in more profit
Bizology® results in more income
Bizology® results in more impact

Because the very thing that sets you apart from the business crowd is your uniqueness.

understanding who you are as a business owner allows you uniquely to …

  • Motivate yourself – being excited about running your business
  • Create impact in your business and the world
  • Show up and confidently lead from a place of authenticity
  • Strategically plan and operate your business
  • Overcome imposter syndrome
  • Confidently share your business and offerings
  • Secure profit in your bank account

When you understand yourself through the lens of numerology you appreciate your fast track to business success.

This is Bizology®.

Which helps you with a million and one things, but THE main benefit is increased self-awareness, which is vitally important, but has been the missing ingredient in your business recipe to date.

Hear me out …

Yes, you can do all the courses, read all the books and do all the things.  BUT you don’t need to. 

Through self-awareness and implementing your uniqueness – things make sense, your business makes sense.  You can actually stop doing all the things as you can be strategic in your business in line with your numbers.

And this results in …

  • Increased profitability margins and impact
  • Increased strategic progress
  • And increased peace of mind!

And who does not want a bit of that 😊

By understanding your unique numeric chart Bizology® …

  • Helps you uncover your secret business weapons by providing a numeric road map to your plans
  • Gives you permission to be the business owner you came here to be so that you run your business on YOUR terms
  • Empowers you to make real change in your own life and business and the lives of those you touch

I can help you discover a simple yet highly effective way to achieve the success that you say you want.

The 2.0 version of my signature 121 Bizology® 9 Week Immersion Program uses 3 keys to unlock your inner business self …

KEY 1. BIZOLOGY® – blending both business strategies and the ancient scientific approach of numerology
KEY 2YOU – as the business owner, your numeric energies, revealing what YOU are here to do in the business world
KEY 3. YOUR BUSINESS – uncovering where ITS job and purpose lies

I just know that you are going to love unravelling the story of your Life Path and understanding the whats, whys and wherefores of you and your business.

Why?  Because it is fascinating stuff.  But fascinating stuff that yields results!

You don’t need shiny new objects.  You need to know your numbers …

Working with Bizology is not a one and done.  When I learnt my personal numeric energies and what this meant to my Life’s Path, it changed my life forever.  I transformed my business, my bank account and my relationships. I am confident that as soon as you have access to this information it will change your life forever too.

“I first heard Jo on a podcast and was completely fascinated by Bizology® and how your numbers impact your life and business. I’ve now worked 1:1 with Jo – she is incredibly knowledgeable and respectful and she’s also great fun! Bizology® is still completely fascinating. I love my numbers and understanding what they mean to me.

I am also a member of Jo’s Magic Circle and this is brilliant value, Jo has a background in marketing and together with the other members, I’ve learned so much from the regular webinars on all sorts of topics.” 


it is time to …

Connect and align to your numeric power and …

  • Decide what you want from your business
  • Separate yourself from the mediocre market, stand out from the crowd and distinguish yourself as an expert
  • Find your niche and own it with pre-eminence
  • Celebrate your uniqueness – appreciate that it is OK to be different and create your own business lane and stay there
  • Make a lasting impression by showing up and shining consistently
  • Own and operate from your remarkableness
  • Take radical responsibility to create the business you say you want
  • Have the tenacity to ride the business waves when things get a bit hairy. (Because they will!)

so that you can …


  • Honour your capacity and deliver to your clients optimally
  • Develop a strategic master plan
    • Set clear goals
    • Focus on these goals
    • Follow through on these goals
    • Create sales and profits as part of this plan
  • Develop a strong marketing mindset
  • Overcome fear and worry – dealing with stress with more ease
  • Make selling painless
  • Find calm and peace in times of stress and conflict
  • Manage relationships through understanding your numbers, with compatibility at work and home

After working closely with hundreds of heart-centred entrepreneurs it becomes ever clearer to me how much it is possible to benefit from this approach.

I’m a fan of accessing the relevant resources to maximise your strengths in business and life. And this is what Jo helps you do. As she says, there are many advantages in knowing your numbers.

Working with Jo has:
*  Confirmed my alignment between self and work
*  Highlighted how to supercharge my natural, intuitive approach for me and my clients
* Provided a super easy framework for my pricing that works

Jo is a joy to work with, easy to ask questions of and very supportive.
You’ll get a set of comprehensive notes to refer to forever – and she’s active in her group when you have questions.
Don’t you owe it to yourself to know your own numbers?.”




The Journey Is About…

Your Life Path Number

  • The innate path you are here to walk in your life and business.
  • The direction to take in your life and business to achieve long-term fulfilment – what you are literally destined to do here on earth.
  • This is the starting point. Equating for 75% of what is going on for you.  Yes, it goes so much deeper than this, but this is where we start.  Get ready to receive Aha moments.


There are another 4 numbers we look at as your Life Path number is just the start. These deeper numbers show you …

  • The unique way you can get to grips with your business and how this impacts your success.
  • How you achieve what you are here to do, by showing you how to use the natural resources that have been given to you.
  • The goal that you are here to learn in this lifetime to find your fulfilment.
  • How you can run the show, so the show doesn’t run you!

    But be aware of the pitfalls of your numbers, as we are the negatives of our numbers.


Jo’s knowledge of numerology is in depth and insightful, I thoroughly enjoyed our time together finding that numerology confirmed and strengthened intuitions that I already had. It’s a great science and one that helps build confidence around your purpose and meaning. I can highly recommend Jo’s work, if you are thinking about finding out more do not hesitate.



Timing is always paramount.

  • By understanding what Personal Year that you are currently in you can discover what the year’s soil is fertile for. So that you can work with instead of against the vibration of the year and its energies.
  • I help you understand monthly rhythms enabling you to harmonise your business, working with a natural flow within these parameters.
  • We map out the years that have passed and uncover what happened when. There are no mistakes, this gives you a road map for your business for the foreseeable future.  Forget a business plan; this is a cosmic treasure map.


Understanding cosmic influences creates game changing awareness and alignment. There are energies and vibrations that affect daily the world we live in.  Harnessing these energies really creates game changing results in your business.


Choosing a name that means business

Your name is not who you are, it is who you look like you are.  By understanding the energies of your name, and all of the elements that make up your name, we can investigate how you are seen in business, revealing some of your skills, talents and abilities. Get ready to harness this power.



It has its own name, character, style, brand, colour, flavour and much else besides. Because it is alive it attracts and repels according to its nature, its nature can be revealed through its numerology. In a solo-entrepreneur situation, the numbers of the person running the show will be very important over time, as the business identity itself gains hold, the numbers of the business will start to operate independently of the numbers of the person.


Numerology is an acknowledged science and when used in business AKA Bizology it shows you a new way of tapping into your business potential.

Bizology brings Aha! moments related to what is currently going on in your business and assists in opening doors to possibilities.

Bizology shows us not only personality analysis but how we can make better business decisions.

It’s not maths or statistics – it’s spiritual empowerment into business, aligning your business vision with your personality.

Not a one-size fits all model. An approach aligned with your own unique numeric blueprint.

Working with this modality is not a one and done.

Once you have access to this information it changes your life forever. The investment reflects this.

Stop paying for shiny new objects, learn a new way of tapping into your business potential.

‘Numerology is a tool – the means to an end. Not the end itself.

The understanding is part of a deeper journey with self.’


I have worked with hundreds of business owners to help them understand that the more we work on our numbers, the more we connect to what we desire in our lives and business.

By tailoring my Bizology approach to your unique needs you can discover how you can be on-point, work with your vibration and attune to the cosmic currents.

From this place the right paths are taken, the right doors open, and the right opportunities will be shown to you.

There will still be bumps in the business road, the idea is to smooth and navigate these bumps.

By appreciating top line how numerology works and the significance and meaning of numbers, you can work with numeric energies to achieve your desires. By spotting the messages behind the numbers, you can live with an innate understanding of Bizology to make everyday business decisions.

And the more you work on your numbers, the more you connect to and find yourselves receiving what you most desire in your life and in your business.

I work with you to help you understand who you are at a deeper level and from this place business success follows as the approach that you take is authentic to you and ultimately you make a more significant impact in the world.

To Your Success

Jo x

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