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Here is the thing; working with your numbers is not a one and done, it is not a magic wand …

Knowing your numeric energies is immensely powerful, but it is an ongoing journey.  Every day I connect more to the magic of knowing my numbers, frequently receiving Aha moments related to how my numbers connect and fit together so that I can align to my deeper business mission and vision.  Bizology® is much more than a one-off session or a package of 5 or even my deeper dive Bizology® Immersion package.

 You know that Bizology helps you understand who you are as a business leader on a deeper level through your numeric chart.  You also are super-grateful that you now know that there are better years and easier years to do things.  And you appreciate that your NAME is the little thing about you that is the bigger thing on a personality level – how you are seen in business.

So far, you have been on a journey with me looking at …

Your Life Path Number, your 4 Roads, your Personal Year and Month, your deeper Cosmic Currents, the energies of your name, your business energies and so much more …

You can book a ‘Bizology Boost’ and I check in with you on your birthday about your next Personal Year, however many of my clients have monthly 121 support with me and I wanted to make this deeper level of support more widely available.

Bizology Breakthrough Sessions

Introducing the BIZOLOGY BREAKTHROUGH Container…

You know you are the problem in your business, but you are also the solution in your business!

I want to ask you an important question … ‘What do you need to align to the ‘SUPER VISION’ you have for your business to create the most impact so that you can connect to your business purpose and potential?’

When you are starting to think about this question then it is important to remind yourself of…

What Personal Year are you in RIGHT NOW?  What Personal Month are you in RIGHT NOW?  Remember there are better years and easier years to do things.

Bizology Breakthrough Sessions

Is your business tide in or out?

The Personal Cosmic Currents that you are currently working with RIGHT NOW are intrinsically linked to the SUPER VISION that you have for your business.

The Bizology Breakthrough session enables you to sense check with me the business activities, strategies and opportunities that are available this Personal Year and Month which have a huge impact on your business.  When you know the energy is coming, you can plan for it.

Your deeper numeric chart

We also look at what is going on for you through the lens of your numeric chart – your 4 roads and name, providing a supercharged top-up of your Personal Numeric Energies.

A focused light on your numeric energies and what this means for your business ‘SUPER VISION’, your potential, purpose and your plans.

How you can navigate your business RIGHT NOW knowing the energies of your numbers and how they fit together.

I have more tools in the Bizology toolbox that I utilise to help you connect deeper to what you are here to do in your business…

  • Deeper parts of your name that illicit eye widening light bulbs
  • Your personal Challenges and Pinnacles – 4 periods in your life when you have a personal challenge to overcome which also gifts you with a peak.
  • Your personal numeric grid – which lines and arrows are full or missing?
  • Also sharing any Karmic debt numbers which may be playing out and how to navigate these tricky energies.
  • Deeper numeric alchemy is valuable when we need to go deeper with Bizology to help you move forward…

Depending upon what is going on for you RIGHT NOW.

I also email you just before the session to get an idea of your intentions for your session – anything you would like to discuss in your life and business, related to your numeric energies in business – it is your session!

It is time for your Bizology journey to continue.

A powerful monthly hour to:

  • Get to the heart of your burning Bizology questions.
  • Use Bizology to look at the optimal times to make your plans come to fruition.
  • Alchemise your business through the art of transformation, inner liberation and change.

You can book your monthly sessions with me HERE

A monthly guidance and accountability session = Bizology Breakthrough = £144 a month


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