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:Bizology® A-Z – Part 2

Numbers are energy. Numerology is a fascinating methodology that is used to help you gain a deeper understanding of who you are.

Bizology® takes all the magical numeric calculations, helping you understand who you are as a business owner, gaining a deeper insight into what you are here to do in the world.

The aim of the Bizology® A-Z is to help you navigate the key aspects of Bizology® as it is a journey that goes a lot deeper than your Life Path number (although this is super important) … understanding not only what the key numeric energies are but how they play out, how they relate to us, and how you can use the information to make an impact in your businesses.

N is for … Numerology  
The study of the mystical relationship between numbers, letters and patterns. An ancient tool used to gain deeper knowledge of self, others and how we relate to the world.  Numbers speak and their language is Numerology. Numbers are magic, energetic, innate, deep, cosmic. They are fundamental of form. Nothing happens in life without numbers, they are intrinsic to everything we do.

O is for … Optimal
Bizology® helps you optimise your business success, creating a plan from a place of self-appreciation and self-acceptance, working with your strengths and becoming aware of your personal challenges.

P is for … Personal Years
We work in 9-year cycles and there are better years and easier years to do things. Your Personal Year shows you what is going on right NOW in business.  Knowing what Personal Year, you are in helps you actively seek and take the opportunities that are offered to you. Knowing the vibration of the year, the unique experiences, challenges and opportunities of each cycle all add important knowledge and coping skills to your business toolbox, enabling you to work with, instead of against the cosmic current that you are experiencing RIGHT now.

Q is for … Quality
It is great that you want to find out more about your number, however as with anything online there is good, bad and indifferent. Immediately googling your numbers causes no end of issues due to the differing quality of the information available.

R is for … Relationships
Compatibility is a real thing in numerology, some numbers are naturally drawn to each other, some numbers have a magnetic rapport and some numbers connect on a deeper level. This plays out with Bizology®, your relationships with your team, business partners, affiliates, suppliers, members of your community etc. You will find it a lot easier to be on the same page with some Life Path numbers than with others.

S is for … Secret Desire
As the name suggests what you secretly desire in your business. This number is the gate keeper to your true nature. Your business directive as it projects your natural talent and ability, as where there is interest …This is the number that gets you hired!

T is for … Time
Understanding your numbers is a journey. The more you learn and apply, the more you understand the subtleties of the numbers. The more you understand the subtleties of the numbers the more you can connect to who you are, how you tick and what you came here to do in business this lifetime.  As I always say ‘Bizology is not a one and done’.

U is for … Universal Years
We are all working under our individual Personal Years, Universal years show us globally what energy we are working under as a collective.  2024 = 2+0+2+4 = 8 = A Universal 8 Year – A year for high standards, professionalism and power in business.

V is for … Vibration
The word vibration in numerology is important. The theory of numerology rests on it. Everything in the Universe vibrates and by using numbers in the form of metaphysical arithmetic, we can apply these vibrations as numbers to our business and lives. What vibration is your business here to master?

W is for … Well Known People
This is an interesting but important exercise; in my book and through my content, I show you ‘well-known’ people who are working with specific Life Path numbers. Connecting the number to people that we know in ‘real life’ helps us see how the different aspects of the numbers play out, both in the positive and the negative. Light bulbs moments happen here as you can see the Life Path numbers working out in real time.

X is for … X
A letter of high voltage – ‘X’ marks the spot!  It helps with public recognition. It can symbolise sacrificing oneself to a cause or belief. Underneath its persona, it is exacting in its attention to detail. It requires a more settled lifestyle than it first appears. Can experience heavy burdens in business.

Y is for … You
Numerology is a well-established ancient science, which has been used by celebrities and CEOs across the world as a way of harnessing the subtle energies that create our unique blueprint. The foundation of numerology is based upon the concept of uniqueness, it is a discipline that recognises every person and every situation as unique = YOU. This is its real power and value. One size does not fit all and there is no magic formula in business, Bizology® shows you how to align to your business purpose.

Z is for … Z
‘Z’ is often compared to a flash of forked lightning, look at its shape. It promotes recognition. There is an innate power and a love of luxury and status. An interest in metaphysics or spirituality can be present. A comfortable home life is important for ‘Z’. A good letter financially. Z can be unconventional in business.

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Bizology® is the collision of numerology with business coaching.
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