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Bizology® A-Z – Part 1

Numbers are energy. Numerology is a fascinating methodology that is used to help you gain a deeper understanding of who you are.

Bizology® takes all the magical numeric calculations, helping you understand who you are as a business owner, gaining a deeper insight into what you are here to do in the world.

The aim of the Bizology® A-Z is to help you navigate the key aspects of Bizology® as it is a journey that goes a lot deeper than your Life Path number (although this is super important) … understanding not only what the key numeric energies are but how they play out, how they relate to us, and how you can use the information to make an impact in your businesses.

A is for … Approach number
This number is how you approach your Life Path number – it’s the day of the month you are born on. It is easier to stay working in this energy, the trick is to master our Life Path number.
Q. How can you personally navigate your Life Path number to achieve the results you desire in your business?
A. By using the day of the month that you are born on. I was born on the 4th, so the number I use to navigate my Life Path 1 – The Leader, is the number 4.

B is for … Bizology®
My blend of business coaching and numerology, showing you how you relate to the business world. You + Numerology = Business Success.  Bizology® is my unique method helping you understand who you are as a business owner so that you can piece together who you are and embrace your business from this new knowledge. Uncover a new understanding of how to approach your business, to accomplish your goals at your pace. Provide you with clarity on your personal business direction, not trying to fit in with paths prescribed by others.

C is for … Cosmic Currents
The cycles and energies that are currently helping you navigate your life and business.
There are better times and easier times to do things. Nature works in cycles, and we do too. There are times to grow and times to consolidate. The concept of ebb and flow needs to be factored into our businesses, but it’s not, we expect always to go full steam ahead. Understanding the cosmic currents helps you understand what the soil is currently fertile for in your life and business.

D is for … Destiny
There are no mistakes – you are here because you chose to be. There is a supreme destiny over your life. You came here to ‘do something’ in business and you have all the resources and ability to deal with that ‘something’, and that ‘something’ can be found in your numbers.  The most important numeric calculation to know and work with is the ‘Life Path number’, this is also known as the ‘Destiny number’ – as it says on the tin, it’s what you are destined to do in your life and business.

E is for … Expression
You can’t change your date of birth, it is impossible, so your key numeric energies never change. However, you can change your name and when you change your name you change your life, as the letters of your name are related to numbers which hold a vibration.  Your name is not who you are, it is who you look like you are in business, so people treat you like that and to some extent and purposes you behave like that. The numeric value of your name is called your Expression number. (see J)

F is for … First letter of first name
The first letter of our first name is the energy we first put out into the world …  What does the first letter of your name mean for your business success? Your first initial is the number that people FIRST see you as. It is not the whole picture of who you are, but it is your first foot forward into the business world. The first letter of your first name is sometimes called the cornerstone in numerology and this is how you appear to people the first time they meet you.

G is for … Growth
Bizology® helps you put all the pieces of the business jigsaw together, so that you can play to your strengths and understand why some approaches do not work so well for you. Providing you with light bulb moments, appreciating that there are greater forces at play. Highlighting your superpowers and identifying the areas for growth. Giving you a clearer vision for future direction by helping you feel re-energised and more motivated to run your business.  We are all here to learn. Each Life Path number comes with its own set of lessons for your growth. There are certain times of your life when these lessons will play out stronger than others, understanding these lessons help us work with our number instead of against it.

H is for … Hearts Desire
Also called your Soul Urge … Indicating your prime motivating factor in your business. Your Soul Urge number is your driving force. How are you currently acting to align with this? Identifying your soul urge shows you what you really want in business.

I is for … International Women’s Millenium
It’s actually International Women’s Millennium! Why? As we are now in the noughties, the 2000s, in the energy of the 2. In numeric terms 2 is all about the divine feminine, sacred knowledge and using our intuition.  This is the energy we are now all working under as we are living under the umbrella of the 2. The times that we are in now are very feminine in energy, we are in constant change and can be undecided. Now more than ever there is the need to create balance, to see both sides of the story in business. These times are also ripe for us to develop our intuition, our physic development, our natural ‘knowing’ for ‘stuff’. Hence the concept that more people are currently ‘waking up’. We can see all the above playing out in the millennium that we now live in.

J is for … Joanna Elizabeth Soley
Refer to E – Expression

My full name, ‘Joanna Elizabeth Soley’ vibrates at the energy of 3 – The Communicator, this is the vibration of how I appear to others in business.
J O A N N A = 1    E L I Z A B E T H = 7   S O L E Y = 22 = 30  = 3 = The Communicator
If you look at my branding, my website, see me on stage, hear me on a podcast, see me in all my Leopard print wearing glory – this sums up the energy of how I am ‘seen’. I appear to be very Life Path 3 – communicative, good company and a people person. However, behind closed doors, I am not very 3 – I am very 1,4,8,9,22 – my full numeric chart, the 3 energy is how I am seen and appear to others, so people treat me like that, so to all extent and purposes I behave like that in my business.

K is for … Karmic Debt
There are 4 testing numbers that are also referred to as Karmic Debt numbers. A lot of people panic when they hear this term, no number is ‘bad’, however some numbers are ‘tricky’ meaning they face difficulties and challenges.  If you have a Karmic number in your numeric chart, it highlights what you are here to learn and work with this lifetime. As we are here to learn, life is for learning. Knowledge of the Karmic Debt numbers helps us to work with its energy and manage it more effectively. If you have Karmic Debt and understand why, there are gifts available to you, business seems to make a bit more sense.

L is for … Life Path number
The Life Path number is the single most important number we use in Bizology®.  In business it shows you the direction to take, the main opportunities you will attract, your talents and characteristics. It shows you more about you and how you operate as a business owner than any other number. Your Life Path number shows you where you will find your success, power and energy in business. It also uncovers the shadow side of your personality, highlighting the nemesis and negatives, so you can work to rectify these.

M is for … Master numbers  
11,22,33 etc … Unique and powerful numbers that have a bigger job to do in business, they are like other numbers on steroids. No number is better than any other number, but some numbers can see more, be more and do more and these are master numbers.

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 Bizology® is the collision of numerology with business coaching.
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