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Pythagoras the man who put numerology on the map taught us that numbers provide a clue, a formula through which we can see evolving patterns and cycles that effect our own existence.

The science of numbers – suggests there is an order and a rhythm in the universe in which we are a part and numbers speak to us daily about our personal identity on this planet.

Think of numerology as your personal Sudoku – strands of numbers that magically slot and connect, revealing harmonious relationships between the lines.

Bizology – ‘You + Numerology = Business Success’ does this for us on a personal, business and spiritual level

Your numeric energies show how to manage your business, connect with your audience and bring more flow and abundance (including profit) into your business and marketing.  

The foundation of Numerology is based on the concept of uniqueness!

It is a discipline that recognises every person and every situation as unique. This is its real power and value; one size does not fit all.  

There are no mistakes – you are here because you chose to be. There is a supreme destiny over your life. You came here to ‘do something’ in business and you have all the resources and ability to deal with that ‘something’, and that ‘something’ can be found in your numbers.  

Bizology® 101 Masterclass Series is about placing you as a business owner and your personal energies at the centre of all your business efforts to increase impact and connection with your audience.

It is important to be aware of what is going on around you, but you also have to be aware of what is going on inside you, your numbers show you how you can show up, stand up and shine in your business.

Bizology® 101 Masterclass Series opens your eyes to operating your business in a unique way that suits you, shines a light on parts of you that have felt missing and identifies emotions that you can’t quite put your finger on. 

By using this approach, you can be visible without feeling vulnerable, master how your unique personality works when marketing your business, and always feel supported by your numeric energies – as knowing your numbers increases your numbers!  

Bizology 101 Masterclass Series is …

  • 7 Bizology 101 online monthly masterclasses – including 5 paid and 2 complimentary
  • Taking Bizology 101 and exploring it on a deeper level
  • Starting in September 2023 – on the date of the new moon creational energy at 2pm – please see specific dates below …
  • £33 per masterclass – watch live and ask your burning Bizology questions or listen on the replay in your own time (replays will be emailed to you)
  • Buy the complete masterclass series £33 x 5 = £165 for £145 – and save £20
  • These masterclasses are also a part of ‘The Bizology Magic Circle’ – you receive these masterclasses as part of the membership – all need to do is book a discovery call with me today to find out more – HERE



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An Introduction to Bizology - September 2023

A FREE pre-recorded masterclass giving you a background into …

  • How Will Knowing Your Numeric Energies Help You In Business?
  • What Numerology Is – A Brief History
  • Numerology For A Better Business - What Is Bizology®?
  • Mistakes Made By Business Owners Not Knowing Their Numbers

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Your Life Path Number In Business

Book your recorded Life Path Number Masterclass from the 11 Life Path numbers

Listen to this recording – available October 1st 2023

The October live call has now passed so if you have any questions after listening to the recording please email jo@josoley.com directly and she will discuss personally with you.

Unsure of your Life Path number – please check using my Life Path App HERE

    • What Is The Life Path Number?
    • How To Calculate The Life Path Number Correctly
    • Connecting You To Your Life Path number – Key Energies And Superpowers
    • Talking All Things Using Your Life Path Number In Business = Business strategy / Messaging / Goal creation / Consistent with Content
    • Going Deeper To Navigate The Life Path Number Including Dealing With Challenges
    • 3 Things You Can Do RIGHT NOW Using Your Life Path Number …
    • What Do You Do If You Do Not Feel Like Your Life Path Number?

    Choose ‘Your Life Path Number in Business’ Masterclass – Simply click the appropriate link BELOW!

    Buy LIFE PATH 1 Masterclass HERE

    Buy LIFE PATH 2 Masterclass HERE

    Buy LIFE PATH 3 Masterclass HERE

    Buy LIFE PATH 4 Masterclass HERE

    Buy LIFE PATH 5 Masterclass HERE

    Buy LIFE PATH 6 Masterclass HERE

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    Buy LIFE PATH 22 Masterclass HERE


    Using Cosmic Currents In Business

    Live Masterclass – November 2023 – 13th November at 2pm

    • How to use the energy of the 2000’s to optimise your business – ‘Forget International Women’s Day, It’s International Women’s Millennium!’
    • How to apply Universal Years In Your Business – navigating the energies of 2023 and 2024
    • That we work in 9 Year Cycles and there are better years and easier years to do things
    • How to calculate which Personal Year you are in – what this means for your business right now AND the optimal things to do in your business this year
    • Giving you a bird’s eye view of the Personal years, so you know what to expect for the coming years
    • What it means for your business when you change Personal Years

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    Your Bizology Compass

    Live Masterclass – December 2023 – 12th December at 2pm

    You are multi-layered and completely unique.
    To have any hope of understanding ourselves and how we operate in our businesses we must go deeper with our numeric chart.

    Q. How can you personally navigate your Life Path number to achieve the results you desire in your business?
    A. By using the day of the month that you are born on.

    Let me introduce you to your Approach Numberthe day of the month you are born on – how you personally navigate your Life Path number in business.  On this Bizology Compass masterclass receive Aha’s and a deeper road map to walk your unique path in business.

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    Words Are Spells – That’s Why We Call It Spelling!

    Live Masterclass – January 2024 – 11th January at 2pm

    • Words are spells – that is why we call it SPELLING!
    • Your name is not who you are – it is who you look like you are – so it is important to understand how you are SEEN in your business.
    • Your first initial is the number that people FIRST see you as. It is not the whole picture of who you are, but it is your first foot forward into the business world.  This is the energy we first put out into the world. 

    • In this masterclass I connect you to the meaning behind the first letter of your first name and how this impacts your business success …

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    Digits & Destiny

    Live Masterclass – February 2024 – 9th February at 2pm

    Numerology is a study of energy, frequency and vibration.  There are numbers around you ‘all the time!’ that influence your life and business – contributing to your experiences and environment.

    In this masterclass I show you how to use Bizology to offer divine insight and guidance – looking at …

    • What your house / apartment / building number / name means for your business success
    • Where you live – your country / town and postcode – how suited is this to your personal numeric energies?
    • How do you communicate? Looking at your phone number and email address.
    • Recurring numbers – what these really mean for your business?

    And more … without going down the numeric rabbit hole 🙂

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    To Infinity & Beyond!


    • Why Knowing Your Numbers Is Not A One And Done
    • The real work starts after the information is given to you

    • How numerology helps us but why Bizology® is cosmic guidance

    • You’ve Started Your Bizology® Journey, Now What?

    • Next steps = Ways to work with me 121 and where to find me

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    Get every single one of the 7 up-and-coming Masterclasses ready and waiting in your back pocket to elevate your business success!

    * Buy Them All for £145 & Save £20! *


    To speak to Jo if you are interested in working with her throughThe Bizology® Sessions and Packages ...

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