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Who are you? What do you do? Do people know what you do?

What is your key message in your business? The one you focus on.

When I started my business in Devon in June 2014 I offered an array of services from PR to social media management to business development to event management.  I thought I needed to have a wide offering so I could offer everything to everyone.  I was well connected in my local community as was a Business Development Manager for a large local organisation, so I was liked, known and trusted and from word of mouth my business grew.  Looking back my message was too scattered especially when it came to social media marketing and networking pitches as I tried to get everything across which was too ‘mixed message’ and confusing.

If you are not clear on your key message how do you expect your prospective clients to be?

Knowing your key message is a critical part of your business success.  It’s imperative as it is the starting point for success in your business.  We need to solve a problem. 

We are subjected to thousands of pieces of information a day, 75% more information than our Grandparents were in their day.  Long gone has the ‘build it and they will come’ business model.  Even the 4P’s of product, price, promotion and place are not as relevant, we have moved towards a culture of the 4-digital C’s – creating, curating, connecting and culture.

We need to be clear on the problem our ideal clients have and how we solve it.
Your ideal prospect will be asking themselves WIIFM – what’s in it for me?

It’s that simple, so …

We need to know their pain points…. What is their problem?
We need to know how this is affecting their lives and aggravating them for moving forward
We need to have a solution that addresses this
We need a strong offering and a call to action

So, I now focus on heart-centred business women who are overwhelmed with their marketing to attract more clients to create results.  Even simpler – Struggling to get clients? – I can help!  Less is so much more.

I offer marketing clarity days and follow up packages to provide a solution to this problem.  IF my others services come into requirement then use these – but I do not lead on this.

What are you offering your clients? What are the benefits of the offer and what are the results?

Markets are saturated so we need a USP to stand out.  How do you stand out? Are you telling people how I help YOU.

From this point, we position ourselves so people ‘get us’ that they understand we understand where they are! and that we have something to offer which solves their problem which is different from the competition.

And from here we package our services for profit! … But that’s another blog.


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