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Alex Polizzi is an English television personality, hotelier, and businesswoman. Since 2008, she has appeared on the British television series The Hotel Inspector on Channel 5.

Polizzi comes from a family of hoteliers, with her maternal grandfather being Lord Forte. Her mother is the Hon. Olga Polizzi, a hotel designer who is Lord Forte’s daughter and the sister of Sir Rocco Forte

In numeric terms Alex’s life path number is 9 – The Humanitarian. She is here to serve others, is intuitive and very wise.

When I first worked this out I thought she would be a 1 – The Leader or and 8 – The CEO due to her business acumen and no-nonsense approach to helping failing hotels.

However, her approach to her 9 life path is The Leader, which we see – an innovative and entrepreneurial approach to business.

A for Alex is also a 1 – which is what you see when you first meet her, which is what people see before they really get to know her.

Upon further investigation Alex has 3 9’s in her 4 roads. Her ultimate goal and link is 9 – that is a lot of 9!

Thinking about it – this makes total sense as she is so passionate about helping hoteliers then the service over success piece kicks in!

9 is the strongest single number in existence – so it has the biggest task. 9’s are here to help others!


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