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How’s your marketing working out for you?

Are you struggling because you’re overwhelmed, not charging enough or working crazily hard in order to make any money?

Are you exhausted as you scrabble to find more and more clients?

I know how you feel, because I felt that way once too. It seemed like every time I looked on social media that everyone was doing better than me in my business.  I began to resent my choices, the fees I charged and my clients – blaming them for my exhaustion.


Although I had created this, what saved me was the heart-centred business review. I’m a qualified marketing professional and somehow I’d forgotten that I was a heart centred entrepreneur ready to change the world. I had to re-look at how I was making money, shift my products and services and prices accordingly, decide how many clients I could hold energetically AND then set my boundaries.

And through doing this, I felt empowered in my business and felt re-energised to serve again. If this sounds familiar to you, know that I can help you put things right.


Here’s the thing, we are not instinctively born knowing how to ‘do’ marketing.

When we train in something we love and want to share our message with others, we’ll likely hit a point where we realise that the clients don’t just appear from thin air. You have to make it happen and you feel overwhelmed because when you set out to change the world, this isn’t what you had in mind!

The key principles of heart centred marketing are laid out below in a checklist style to help you gain clarity on your business, your message, your clients and your marketing.

Without clarity on these areas, you will continue to struggle with overwhelm, exhaustion and you’ll start to doubt yourself. Maybe you’ll start to feel an imposter in your business, and slowly but surely you will lose the passion, creativity and spark for doing what you love.

So grab a cuppa or a glass of wine, turn off your phone, download or print out this checklist and gain real clarity on where you are, where you want to be and how you want to get there.

To your success,

Jo Soley

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My Ethos


I believe my business is growing in a beautiful creative way because I am living my purpose. Being in alignment means I allow my business to flow. I would love to show you how to create this flow and be authentic by ‘bringing more of you into your business’. We are designed to connect and deserve to be supported.

Your Brilliant Business Angel encompasses the way I work – reliable and trusting, with a positive feminine energy to provide you with value-led results in an efficient and effective way, garnered from 25 years-experience working in marketing, sales and business development roles.

I am passionate and dedicated to my mission to support women in their business in a holistic way – to empower you to reach your full potential through support and encouragement. I’d love to welcome you to my Facebook Group – ‘Business Made Easy’. Simply click HERE to join.

My big vision is to be ‘the go-to expert’ for women who want to transform their business.

I look forward to helping you transform and grow your business soon.

To your entrepreneurial success

Jo x


“After spending a great day with Jo, I now feel I have direction for my Company. Jo has a way of identifying what is needed to be achieved by brilliant ideas and suggestions that link to the values of the Company. All of what Jo highlighted for my Company is correct, I just hadn’t seen it before, I was just too focused on other things.

After struggling for a few months, my Company has a renewed identity and Jo has made me feel excited by the way forward but also proud of what I have achieved so far. I wish I could bottle what Jo has and look forward to continuing to work with her.”

– Heather Scales, HEARTBEAT HR LTD

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