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My Mission

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How’s your marketing working out for you?

Does everything in your business consume you?

As a female entrepreneur, you know you need to take a step back, but if you stop how can you create the money?

Sometimes it’s all too easy to see drama and miss opportunity. To miss how our energy affects our business.

We block ourselves by failing to set boundaries in our heart-centred businesses and by doing so we fail to honour ourselves and it leads to confusion and exhaustion.

I recognise that as a female solopreneur you need to work. But let me suggest that you also need to take a step back. You know you are lacking the information to make the right decisions – but you ARE close and the good news is my lovely that things can change.

You’ve heard the saying, if we always do what we have always done, we always get what we have always got. So, we need to take different action and seek alternative solutions.

But what are these?

I know because I have been there, overthinking things, procrastinating, over analysing, being busy being busy. I had to take a step back and work on one thing at a time. I was overwhelming myself and felt on the edge of burnout the majority of the time. I had too many things to think about and too many balls in the air.

The temptation is there either to rush into things or stay stuck. So, what we need to do is connect back to our business through heart-centred marketing. Ask for guidance and trust. Be open and listen. This mild obsession to be successful and not a failure isn’t necessarily serving us, trust me I know as I have been there – this just leads to more overserving in our businesses.

So there is a calling to step back and take a look at our heart-centred businesses without the blindfolds on.

Soul Sister, I know you have a lot to offer in your business and I also know how easy it is to sabotage this with worry about the to do list, the perfect funnel, the next shiny new object and cash flow!

I know that balancing being an Ambitious ‘Super Woman Business Owner’ with an optimum self-care regime with demands from family and friends can be a constant struggle. Meanwhile you are waiting to feel inspired, motivated and experience that breakthrough moment.

You know you have a valuable message to share in the world but today you no longer feel your full power and you know you’re standing in your own way.

But whilst you feel uncertain how to move forward, you care about presenting yourself and your business authentically, portraying your uniqueness and magic in a positive and intuitive way.

Well, you my darling are capable of lots of success! You are ready to transform and express your business through heart-centred marketing. But communication is vital and it’s up to you to up your game. Like me, you are very visual and using Facebook / Linkedin and Instagram in that order.

You are a gentle soul and a dynamic force simultaneously. You like hanging out in groups that are supportive, loving and intuitive – but where business gets done.

It’s time to take a new look at how you make money and expand your influence.

Here’s The Thing…

We are not instinctively born knowing how to ‘do’ marketing.

When we train in something we love and want to share our message with others, we’ll likely hit a point where we realise that we have plateaued yet we have a bigger game to play.

You have the deep desire to make it happen because you set out to change the world

So let me help you apply the key principles of heart-centred marketing to ensure you gain clarity on your business, your message, your clients and of course, your marketing.

Without clarity you will likely continue to stay stuck, feeling doubt that you can fulfil your potential and the spark of inspiration that lit your way will fade to a faint glow.

So my passion is to reignite your creativity and sparkle. I will help you prioritise and focus on key areas of your business and motivate you on an exciting path towards greater success. Through holistic coaching, we will carefully plan and execute the next steps required to move you forward in your business, whilst ensuring that your individual talents and values lead the way.

So grab a cuppa or a glass of wine, turn off your phone, download or print out this checklist and gain real clarity on where you are, where you want to be and how you want to get there.

To your success,

Jo Soley

P.S If you’re a fast acting heart-centred entrepreneur, you can book in a discovery call by emailing me here  – jo@josoley.com

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My Ethos

I believe my business is growing in a beautiful creative way because I am living my purpose. Being in alignment means I allow my business to flow. I would love to show you how to create this flow and be authentic by ‘bringing more of you into your heart-centred marketing’. We are designed to connect and deserve to be supported.

Your Brilliant Business Angel encompasses the way I work – reliable and trusting, with a positive feminine energy to provide you with value-led results in an efficient and effective way, garnered from 25 years-experience working in marketing, sales and business development roles.

I am passionate and dedicated to my mission to support women in their business through holistic marketing – to empower you to reach your full potential through support and encouragement. I’d love to welcome you to my Facebook Group – ‘Business Made Easy’. Simply click HERE to join.

My big vision is to be ‘the go-to expert’ for women who want to transform their heart-centred business.

I look forward to helping you transform and grow your business soon.

To your entrepreneurial success

Jo x


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“After spending a great day with Jo, I now feel I have direction for my Company. Jo has a way of identifying what is needed to be achieved by brilliant ideas and suggestions that link to the values of the Company. All of what Jo highlighted for my Company is correct, I just hadn’t seen it before, I was just too focused on other things.


After struggling for a few months, my Company has a renewed identity and Jo has made me feel excited by the way forward but also proud of what I have achieved so far. I wish I could bottle what Jo has and look forward to continuing to work with her.”

– Heather Scales, HEARTBEAT HR LTD



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