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I have seen a lot of articles and social posts about 2020 and what’s in store, discussing viewpoints from both ends of the scale. Below are my thoughts on 2020. Normally with numerology we keep the information top line and grounded as when we use numerology in life, we do not want to go down rabbit holes. However, 2020 = 22 a master number in order to explain this strong energy I have explained the energy of the number 22 and also the number 4 as 2+2 =4.

Master Numbers

2020 is the number 22, we remove the 0’s and do not add the 2 and 2 to make 4, as 22 is a master number and is not reduced.

If you are working with a 22 anywhere in your numeric energies, name or personal year, you are working with master number energy, depending where it appears you will have access to this huge energy.

So universally 2020 will be a master number 22 year. But what does this mean?

No numbers are better than any other numbers, although master numbers have the ability to go beyond. To go beyond what?

Master numbers are upgraded. If a master number is present it’s like we are working with 5000 volts. Think rocket fuel. Super spice. It is not a case of confidence; the engine has already been upgraded. With 22 we are working with real life superpowers.

22 is such a strong energy, such a huge energy, that it is actually very difficult to describe and explain what the 22 energy even represents. As it is very hard to describe and explain, it is equally hard to access and harness the potential of the number 22.

22 as a master number is focused on achievement – The Architect of Change. Also known as The Master Builder – it has the brilliance and precision to carry out difficult and grand plans.

So, what does 2020 as a universal year require of us?

Whatever is happening is already happening. There are strong forces at work.

As 22 is such a powerful force the way we are being asked to deal with this can be found in the 4. As 2+0+2+0 = 4. Everything has a number associated with it, and every number tells a story. 4 is The Builder. 4 is about building structures, systems, it’s about routine, control, order, processes and procedures.


In life we use 4 to help us live! There are 4 directions, 4 points to a compass – North, South, East, West. There are 4 seasons, Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. We have 4 pairs of our DNA. We have 4 chambers of our heart. We have 4 parts to our brain. We have 4 fingers on each hand. There are 4 legs to a chair. There are 4 gospels. Etc. Etc. Etc. 4 as a number gets and keeps us organised and on path.


4 squared

4 is the number of careful plans and application. 4 is methodical – steady as a rock.

In 2020 we are being called to use our 4. To get our ducks in a row, to get our foundations sorted, to get and keep our house in order.

In order to use even 1% of the energy of the 22 year (which is about thinking big, visionary and being the Architect of Change) we need to attend to the details and mend the cracks. When we come from this place, we can help others. However first we need to ensure that our own foundations are stable and that we have a detailed plan of action to follow. The firmer your foundations the more solid your growth.

If your foundations are not solid in a master number 22 year. there is more chance of wobbling. More structure less chance of wobbling. The more structure you have with your foundations this year the less problems you will have.

We are being called to get our foundations sorted. Get your shiz together! We need firm foundations to move forward in a 22 year.


Any weak areas or cracks in the following area need attending to …

· The body and health – give yourself a MOT

· Diet – feed your body with goodness

· Exercise – move your body

· Finances – investigate your investments / shares / ISA’s / pensions – is everything working as hard as it can for you? Manage money and make it work for you.

· Relationships – are there any that have past their sell by date?

· Business – ensure you have firm foundations to move forward

· Home – attend to tasks to ensure everything is getting done

Which equals careful management of your own affairs, materially and metaphorically – doing the do so the ideas you have can be actualised.


How can we do this?

· By rational thinking

· By arranging and maintaining systems

· By using practical routes through obstacles

· By looking at our relationship with time management (as we want to be investing time in projects that will come to fruition)

Put another way, if a life path 1, 2 3 and 4 were to make a chair. The 1 would have the idea, the 2 would have concerns about the project and the safety, the 3 would want the chair bright blue with pink spots and the 4 would just get on and make the chair.

In 2020 we want to make the chair. Finding the materials and creating a workable plan by which the thing we are working on can be built or realised. Doing the work. Making things real.

It is not a year to build castles in the air. We need to look for the right building site and use the right stone! Differentiating between wild ideas and those that have merit. Having high standards and working steadily.

We need to ensure things are structurally working from this place. As we need to work. By work I mean ensuring that we are in working order, and in order to do so we need to mend the cracks, attending to any weak areas.

We are not the number next to us. So, 4 is not 3. 3 is The Communicator about using divine expression, entertainment and creativity – the good time number. 4 is not 5. 5 is The Adventurer about freedom and expansion and living life on the edge. 4 is about having a plan and working steadily through it.

There are many areas of life outside of our control. All we can do is to keep our side of the road clean. 4 assists us to do this, and from this place we have more solid foundations for us to harness the 22-master number energy. By being the Master Builder – the Architect of Change in your own life.

Master number 22 year, is it destined for greatness? In order to even taste a little of what 2020 has in store for us we need to get structurally sound. If we are taking care of the details and have a plan, then paradoxically we will grow and move forward.


2020? My advice 

Do not get attached to certain outcomes, a strong portal of energy is available and in order to harness this go to 4 – get organised, implement structure and control and your growth in your life and business will come from this place.


To speak to Jo about how you can harness the power of 2020 in line with your personal year and numeric energies email jo@josoley.com

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