Number 1

“I was feeling really challenged with big changes happening in my personal and business life; some of which were very difficult to deal with. I was looking for some guidance and clarity and Jo delivered an informative session which made so much sense.

I since feel more in my power, one major change I have made, has been to take more responsibility. I have noticed since our reading that I have really stepped up. Understanding the personal year I am in made so much sense and gave me faith to trust the place I am in, especially with my business.

Thank you so much Jo.”

Lucy F – September 2018

Number 2

When Jo started to talk to me more and more about numerology and how it was assisting her so much with her business and personal growth, I could see the results with my own eyes and was interested to learn more. If you are intrigued … and you should be…. go for it, book a session with Jo! It has given me real clarity of what is happening in my life right now and areas which require balance.”

Helen V – February 2019


Number 3

“Jo knows business and marketing! She’s the go to person for business coaching and mentoring. If you want to grow your business authentically, and with ease, work with Jo.

I recently had a Your Brilliance in Numbers session with Jo, which was amazing! I feel more connected to my higher self and I have a blueprint to work with that will make my business flow with ease.

Thank you Jo.”

Jan D – January 2019


Number 4

Jo is really great at what she does – the numerology session I had with her has given me clarity in what steps I need to follow to grow my business.

I look forward to the future and all it brings.

Thank you Jo.”

Anita M – November 2018

Number 5

Had a session with Jo and it was AMAZING! Definitely book one in if you are looking for clarity on what to do next in your business and how to make it easier!

She’s so lovely, no question is too silly for her. I have been on a roll with the preparation for my next big launch, using her guidance from the session!

Thanks Jo!!!

Raspreet S – October 2018


Number 6

“I had a numerology session with Jo. It was unbelievably true. I’m a 6 with 22 approach. So, I am maternal and love having people around me. Family, whether my real family, my “work” family or my “friends” family is really important to me and I need to know everyone is ok. I’m coming into my 1 year so watch this space – world I’m coming to get you!!

Judi H – November 2018

Number 7

“No way was i a number 7!  Well thats what i initially thought at 1st.

I met Jo at international womens day where she briefly covered each number. I was very intrigued as i didnt think the number 7 connected with me. How wrong was I?!?! I booked in a one to one where Jo talked in great detail.

So many unanswered questions ive had for so long and now they all made total sense. I AM A NUMBER 7! I understand my lifes path and am now putting it into practice. Jo I cant thank you enough for what you have taught me. Everyone needs a Jo in their lives.”

Number 8

I had a fantastic 1 2 1 “Your Brilliance in Numbers” numerology consultation with Jo recently. It was so insightful and showed me where to focus my attention. It was fascinating to learn about the years in numerology.

Jo is lovely too. I would recommend this session.”

Veronica P – December 2018

Number 9

“Jo Soley is absolutely amazing. She is brilliant at taking the confusion, frustration, and lack of knowledge I experience in business and wrapping these feelings in a step by step process that leads to a desired outcome. She is very intuitive, inspiring, patient and supportive.

I highly recommend Jo Soley.”

Teresa B – September 2018

Number 11

Jo is amazing! She tells you everything you have to know raise your strength and to conquer your challenges you bring on earth with your unique energy. It’s very helpful for your business to attract the perfect soulmate clients but also for your personal life to understand relationships between you and the people around you much better.

I’m a 11 and I always struggled with this powerful spiritual guidance energy. She helped me to find peace with my energy and so with me. I am deeply grateful for this experience.

Thank you so much, Jo!”

Jessica J – November 2018

Number 22

“I had an amazing Your Brilliance in Numbers session with Jo! I was blown away by the information she shared, especially how the different names I’ve had in the past have affected my personal and my work life. I’m pleased to say that the name I have now gives the perfect numbers for being able to achieve what I want to and need to.

With my numbers, Jo also confirmed what I’ve always felt in many areas of my life, which has given me the determination to continue on the path that I’m on. I’ve always felt that the life and experiences I’ve had so far, were for a reason, to help others, and as a 22, I know I’m destined to do more than I’m currently doing, and I’m determined to make it happen.”

Alison TS – October 2018

Number 22

“I cannot recommend Jo enough and am telling anyone who will listen to get one of her readings.

Jo put her heart and soul into my reading and gave me a complete and thorough picture of my numerology chart. Everything she said made sense and since speaking to her, my life has taken a hugely positive turn.

I now feel confident with the decisions I make, whereas before I would have doubt and incredible things have happened, such as winning new business at work. If you do one thing this year to treat yourself, please go and see Jo. You will not be disappointed.”

Stef D – November 2018


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