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Today is 11.11.2023 = 2045 = 11

The 11th of the 11th.

No number is better than any other numbers, but some numbers can see more, be more and do more and these are master numbers.

11 is a master number. Life Path 11 = The Spiritual Teacher. 11 is HUGE energy.

In numeric terms 11 is the Spiritual teacher, the Cosmic Connector, the Spiritual Messenger. 11 is about God, Magic, Space, Cosmos, God, Source.

11 has the ability to inspire and motivate humanity.

11 enables us to get past the day to day and access the inner world, thoughts and ideas.

11 has the energy of the sensitive and emotional 2 but with added edge, and steeliness. 11 has the ability to uplift and inspire others.

11 is also made up of 2 x 1’s, so it can harness the strength of the 1 energy = innovation and originality within the spirit of the energy of 2.

Life Path 11 is a demanding Life Path number, a testing number to be. 11’s feel things on a deep level, they have acute feelings and extreme energies.

They have deep talents and extraordinary insights. They are here to use their intuition / psychic abilities to deliver exceptional performance.

A lot of people fall at the feet of master numbers, they literally worship them!

They use them in their pricing, they jump up and down if they see 11.11, they use them as a sales tool. This is because they do not understand their power, they see what they want to see with the numbers and sometimes this ventures into wishful thinking territory.

Master numbers are on one hand a blessing, and on the other hand a burden. Master numbers come with extra gifts and talents, which come with harder lessons and bigger expectations.

Master number Life Paths are …

• Aware people
• Here to experience full polarity in life and business
• Here to do something different
• Here to change the world, one person at a time
• Old souls – cosmically plugged in to the universe, they carry a higher vibration, as they have chosen to come back in this lifetime to make a difference
• Here to do something big in business and they have all the tools to do this

They have greater potential for impacting the whole of humanity in business. They are here to do something big in business and have all the tools to do this. The person working with master number energy becomes subject to fate; bigger things happen through them, there are higher forces at work directing them on their Life’s path.

When Simon Cowell was looking for the X factor, he needed to look for Life Path 11’s and 22’s 😊

When you see 11.11 – it can be like finding a penny, or a feather or a robin, indeed it is a message from above, but before you see things through rose tinted glasses, think about your current situation and be honest about what 11.11 is trying to show you?

If you do want to use the energy of 11th of the 11th today ask yourself the question …

How are you being called to …

Connect to God, Source and the Divine today?
Inspire yourself?
And others today?

And no rabbit warrens please.

Jo x