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Twixmas … the bit between Christmas and New Year … what do you do?

The bit in between Christmas and New Year … do you work? do you regroup? do you rest?

As a self-employed female business owner, I like many others do not take 25 days holiday a year (a week off and a few odd days here and there if I am lucky), so when this down time naturally occurs, I do take advantage of the odd lie in, catch up with some friends and take it slower. However, I am a believer in everything in moderation – including moderation:)

Gary V says something about August, based on the lines of, ‘when those are by the pool drinking rose, take the time to get ahead and grow your business’. I do get this mentality. And as a double Aries and a number 1 in numerology I am constantly on the go and take action.

This is what I do during Twix-mas to plan my new year …

1. Look at my WHY

I write a list of what I want my business to bring me this coming year. My desires. Underneath these i write WHY? I ask myself the question for everyone and listen deeply to the answer. I ask myself again this question. WHY? When you know your WHY – you can figure out your HOW. Have a go. Look at your answers, are you surprised where they have taken you? have you opened up a new level of knowing that will support you as you take steps towards your goals and desires.

2. Review my 2018

I look at my main achievements for last year and focus on the top 3 – what did these really bring me? I look at how I got in my own way. i look at my main learning’s and takeaways. Have a go, and think about … How did you grow this year? What did you remove from your life? What did you add to your life? What made you happy this year? Were your actions in alignment with your WHY? What do you love the most about your business? What would you like to change about your business in 2019?
What would you like to be known for?

What was your business turnover/ profit? How many people are on your email list? Are they engaged? How are you currently sourcing leads? Review your marketing activity is this working for you?

3. My word for 2019

What is your word for 2019? My word is courage. To have the courage to be bolder. To have the courage to show up more. To have the courage to serve my tribe more deeply. To have the courage to take the leap. To have the courage to launch the products and services that my tribe needs. To have the courage to say YES to opportunities that may seem scary – as the magic happens outside your comfort zone, right?

4. About the money honey!

How much money do I want 2019 to bring me? Per year? Per month?
What do I need to sell in order to create this? Are there any gaps in my products and services? If so, what do I need to create? What do I need to launch? What marketing activity needs to happen to do this? Then I …

5. Plan, Plan, Plan

Failing to plan is planning to fail. Map out your month, week and days based on IPA – Income Producing Activity to create the above. When will you get up? What is your morning routine? What hours will you work? Batch your days, when you work with clients, when you carry out your marketing activity etc. Schedule your social media. Work smarter not harder by starting each month, week and day with clear goals and sign posts so you have a plan to action. Also schedule time in for you and your family, self-care is important.

6. The support piece

How much are you worth in your business per hour? Work in your zone of genius. If administrative and techy tasks do not fall into this zone then outsource to a PA or VA, they will do the job in a lot less time with a lot less stress. What is taking up time outside your business? Can you outsource to a cleaner or gardener? It’s amazing what you can do when someone is watching, so look at working with a business coach or joining a mastermind to help grow you, your mindset and in turn your business.

7. Time out

Don’t leave it until you can’t take anymore, book in regular breaks throughout the year in terms of holidays and days for you to regroup and take stock. I plan in days where I can take myself off for the day, take stock of the year so far and reflect and review and look at what needs to happen going forward.

8. Development

You know those things that you have always wanted to do , but never go round to? Make a list of them! IT areas to master, social platforms to explore, apps to download, mastering Facebook ads, nailing your SEO, that winning PR piece, the new online to do list, upgrading to that new email marketing system. Write a list and plan to do one a week. Try it – the act of writing things down is biblical and biting one off a week / fortnight / month will help grow your business instead of it staying on a list of overwhelming tasks.

9. Inspiration to discover

You know those books you have wanted to read?, that online course you wanted to do?, the TED talk you wanted to listen to?, the event you wanted to attend? Well again, make a note of them. Get it out of your head and down into your plan.

10. Track your stats

I have a marketing Monday and Finance Friday. On these days I know what marketing I need to do for the week, the money I have taken and what needs to be paid etc. This gives me accountability and holds my feet to the fire. This year I am going deeper, tracking my mailing list, members of my Facebook group, social media platforms etc etc. This also gives an opportunity so see where we have come from during the year – not just at year end, as sometimes we can be head down in action – it’s good to reflect.

Oh, and a bonus 11 – clean your desk, get rid of everything you don’t need, put business cards in an online card catcher app, invest in a wall planner, whiteboards and diary starting 2019 fresh and ready to go.

If the content of this blog has helped you and you would like to speak to me about planning your marketing for 2019 – let’s jump on a discovery call to see how I can help you – call 07718123229 or email jo@josoley.com

To your entrepreneurial success

Jo x